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  1. Just to follow up - I eventually opted to install a bypass emulator unit, rather than install a new ESL unit. It worked out to be cheaper (around $800 range), compared to $1,200 range for the replacement ESL. The other reason is that there is a chance that the motor on the new ESL unit may have a chance of failing again in the future. It's a very troublesome experience to have a car that doesn't start - additionally, the steering wheels are locked, so that also makes towing more troublesome as well. Just one observation - when I collected my car at the workshop, they showed me the faulty
  2. Hi, Last night, my 8 year old C180 experienced ESL failure. I inserted the key fob, but there was no whirring unlock sound, and the dashboard didn't light up. Steering wheel also remained locked. After doing a lot of internet searches, I'm grateful to have come across many postings in this forum that seem to give me an idea of my issue. There are many forumers here talking about ESL failure (or "green key" failure). Tomorrow, I will arrange for the car to get towed to a workshop to try and get this fixed. Still trying to decide whether to go back to Cycle and Carriage, or to head to one o
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