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  1. Hi there, Would like some advise on the costing of a timing chain and cam gear replacement. My ride is due for a change I guess, there is this metal clattering sound during morning start up, which goes away after 4-6secs. Anyone changed recently? Please let me know what's been changed and costing. Thanks in advanced.
  2. By the way, can you provide me the contract details of Danny? Need a check too. Thanks !
  3. Tried them once, experience flat. Nothing to shout out or shout at. Will not be going back though,
  4. Thanks @kepiting1sg ! I have just visited them earlier, they do have one for me.
  5. Hi, Anyone scrapping their W212 or W204 ride with neck-pro headrest? I'm looking for the front ones, beige color. Do PM me . Thank you.
  6. Hi there, I have it replaced after it an error code shows up during a diagnostic scan, even though there is no CEL, in my case. There are subtle indications like higher FC and lower power (a bit sluggish) when picking up speed from stop position. Felt the difference once this part was replaced. By the way, my ride is a E250 W212. Hope this helps.
  7. Likely to be the rust developed on the brake disc after washing. This caused the "sticky" brake feeling, where the accelerator has to be pressed harder to move off. This should be a once off, after which it should be normal again.
  8. Hi @fesa704, I have just mentioned the workshop name in the above post.
  9. Hi @melvyeo, The workshop is at Sin Ming Autocity, Kee Yong Auto,. I have a good impression of this place, clean and well-equipped. Not sure about the price though. Do let us know your impression if you have your ride serviced there.
  10. Hi all, Like to share that I have resolved this issue after replacing the light/rain sensor. Total cost $254, including part, labor and calibration. Working well so far !
  11. Hi all, I have been getting a Auto Lamp Inoperative message recently, when this happens, the dash light intensity will switch to max intensity. Believe it might be a light sensor issue. Any recommendation for a workshop good in the diagnostic and electrical stuff? Anyone had a similar issue and got it resolved? By the way, I'm driving a E250. Thanks in advance !
  12. Thanks, @kepiting1sg, much appreciate it. I have just figure out how to get into the service menu, and there are lots of settings indeed, must not meddle with it if unsure. Thanks again.
  13. Hi all, I read that there is a way to display the voltage and other service information on the dash display using some combinations of button. Can help on this? I'm doing a PFL W212 E250 (2009). Thanks!
  14. In case some of you looking to get the amourall tyre gel, the famous japan accessories store is now selling it at 50% discount. Only $10 for one now. Not sure when the discount is valid till, I just bought one last evening (30 Jan). Cheers.
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