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  1. It's a open thread to share comments n experience. It never indicate share only bad experience.
  2. From the posting does it state customised? Misleading potential buyers......
  3. Thanks for sharing ur experience. Believed your not the only one. I've heard some owner complaining abt sloppy jobs, damaging customer new grille, engine failure due to mod recommended. Some more engine failure was due to cam gears issue which they wasn't even aware abt this common failure in M271 engine. Change so many extra stuffs then diagnosed cam gear failure. Still got other cases. Believed forum is for sharing of good n bad experience. It'll be a considering factor for newbies who don't have any preferred workshop. Hopefully more owners will share their experienc
  4. One of the w204 inside the kompressor group chat is selling off his kleemann kit with IBF. Seller stated the kit is orginal, ordered tru terrance n installed by goodfellas. My customer send me pics n it's not orginal after checking with kleemann. Seller then say not sure, maybe its customised. Can check with terrance. My customer make enquiry in the group chat n was removed immediately from the chat. Subsequent pm to terrance was ignored. So my customer assumed most likely its not a genuine kleemann as stated. Since I'm in this community, might as well I find out more from forum members who mi
  5. Hi, anyone got any comments with Goodfellas workshop or Terrance (Mr Aesthetic). Will like those with experience to share their reviews. I've some doubt which will like to share in this community.
  6. Is your car being modified or totally Stock? Is the problem solved?
  7. After replacing my steering and enabling paddle shift, I've finally decided to retrofit facelift color cluster. The whole process took quite a while due to issues related to mileage zeroing, removing ssid and making everything function properly without any error msg. After cluster upgraded, settled all issues went to research info for newer theme. Managed to update newer firmware to get the silver theme and also enabled AMG menu. The look of it is so refreshing.
  8. Selling a w204 facelift bonnet. Good for those looking to do facelift conversion. Asking $450. Interested party can PM me. Tks! Sold. Tks!
  9. Selling a set of Bilstein B8 with Eibach springs for w204 model. Good working condition. $888 Interested party can PM me. Tks Items sold. Tks for the interest.
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