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  1. Does anyone know what exact part I need to fix this? its been hooked up to a diagnostic machine which was showing 11-12 faults. these were cleared and it was identified that the CAN system had gone. can anyone help. I love the car and want some advice as to how easy a fix this is or whether I should give up and get another car? cbd bud for sale cheap
  2. Need to change in 1 hrs time..... What's a good all rounder tire to go for.... On the road most of the tim https://eur.cnv.to/usd/11.95
  3. Does anyone have any advice for de-gunking the spray nozzles? I tried soaking them in plastic-safe paint thinner, but that didn't do much. They're at the point where its so clogged that, despite them being half full, nothing leaves the can when I try to spray. Anything would be appreciated! I cannot afford new cans and can't find replacement nozzles online https://check-distance.com/route/cleveland-oh/columbus-oh
  4. Hey guys. I’m trying to buy a C300 or C350 (2008-2011). I’ve been searching for a good 2-3 months now everyday and everyday the amount of cars being posted has gone down. Does anyone know the reason for this. It’s getting very annoying that I live in Los Angeles and I’ve been searching within a 200 mile radius on multiple sites and still haven’t found a decent car. What do you aud to usd guys suggest I do? I’m genuinely in love with this car and I’ll regret not buying it if I buy anything else but I just can’t find any and it’s been playing with my patience.
  5. Can I check how are the charges for MBM? Also, is their service level good from what you experienced? Thank you distance between US cities
  6. Hello everyone,, Sometimes my car's aircon would emit this rotten egg smell. It goes away after a while. I tried to show this problem to the SA when I sent my car to C&C to fix my seatbelt. Unfortunately, I couldn't replicate the problem. I googled about it and learnt that this rotten egg smell came from incomplete combustion in the cat converter (or something along that line).english news capread Does any bro have similar problem? It doesn't really bother me since the smell is transient. But when wifey is with me, she would ask if I just farted. Ha...ha.
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