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  1. They did a scan. Not sure what are the exact code, but they say its related to gear transmission and further narrow it down to the ISM. But guess apparently ISM is not the problem. Upon more reading from forums, seems like a faulty EIS is also a high chance suspect?
  2. Hi, This is quite a long post regarding gear shifting / starter problem and as of now, problem not resolved yet. Hopefully, some bros can shed some light. Car: Year 2012 W212 Problem 1 (gear shift to 'P' or 'N' by itself) The problem first started about 2 months ago when I stop at a traffic light and I felt a small jerk. Realised the gear has shifted to 'P' by itself. I couldn't shift back to 'D', until I switch off and restart the engine. Afterwards, all is ok, the car run smoothly. However, a few days later, when slowing down (not complete stop yet), the car will shi
  3. I seems to read good review about Avantage VAG (Toh Guan), not see no mention of it here. Anyone tried before? I personally, have tried Kee Yong (Dave), friendly and non pushy service. Workshop look clean and professional. Have also tried Kompressor. Ali was friendly, but felt he was trying a little too hard to get me to change some parts.
  4. Hi good sharing. What does the bypass unit do? Meaning it won't lock the steering wheel in future? Btw, for sharing, a DIY job below, although its tough unless you have your own garage and prepared to dive deep. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgBYywHbTos
  5. Have always been told that Merc is more of comfort and smoothness while Beemer is performance and drivability. However I recently have tried a 2012 W212 and a 2012 Beemer 523. The beemer is so much quieter, smoother while the W212 engine sounds quite harsh and definitely noisier. Assuming both cars are of same condition, is that the right? Probably cause the beemer is a 6 pot? I cant see how the merc is more comfortable and smoother in this case. Anyone bro can comment?
  6. Hi my ride is a 2012 W212. The manual say servicing is every 15K. But some folks tell me its every 10k. Can bros can share some insights? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I just changed all my 6 speakers (2012 - W212) as the stock speakers have torn. I would have thought its a simple change, however, after the installation, the installer told me the COMMAND system cannot start up e.g. the screen went blank! They felt the command system broke down and is not due to their installation. Anyway, not intending to point finger here. I am more concern how to solve the problem Have anyone encounter this before e.g. command system died and the screen went blank. I hope its a simple rectification e.g. fuse or reset problem. Any advi
  8. Hi Anyone can advise where can I convert a yr 2009/2010 W212 single exhaust to the 2013 dual rectangular exhaust look? And whats the damage roughly? Thanks and much appreciated!
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