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  1. It's private matter, so the Police won't interfere....of course it's a different story if this is Mr Lee's private car. My A-class was scratched all round in 2004 and was captured by the carpark video. Sama sama....police said they bo chup unless I lodge a complaint at the Magistrate court. The catch is the judge will want to hear your story and if he/she likes your story, the court will ask the police to investigate. I did that and the suspect was called up for kopi with the police. He showed up on judgement day at the court with worried family members and a lawyer while I turned up alone.
  2. The problem is not many people appreciate the options in this car and only see the overall price. They did not realise the options added are not common in a C180 and are only available in a higher capacity C-class such as C350. I had to give up the car to the dealer at a low price. This was really a missed opportunity for buyer (the new owner) and seller (it's me) and the winner is the dealer; who bought low and sell high.
  3. The reasons I have my own pump... I don't need to "see people's face", I pump at my leisure, I pump anytime I like, I won't disturb others as long as I pump in my parking lot.
  4. Yeah...I have been entering the car from the rear door or exiting from the left if situation calls for it. The space and pano roof are indeed very shiok.
  5. This one consider boh? Black car with pano roof, with Sgmerc decal too.
  6. There is a green Nissan Sunny on the road with a star in place of the Nissan badge at the boot. I saw one last week, think that car has increased its OMV and resale value.
  7. You can get from me too......I sell decal and car.....
  8. Clearing this from my store room. W203 exhaust tip, bolt on to show exhaust under the rear bumper. No cutting required. How much? $50.
  9. Go.....there will be games such as tyre changing and Mercedes-Benz goodies to be won.
  10. All C180 comes standard halogen light regardless coupe or sedan. Mine may be the only C180 with ILS (have not seen any so far). Those with ILS are the C250, C350. Boot tray reserved by someone liao, all very fast leg fast hand, pm me right after I post last night.
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