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  1. Selling some items that was dekitted from my car 1. W213 E200 original car mat from C&C condition 9.5/10. Taken off from my car from day 1 as I used the 3M mat instead. Selling for $100 (reserved) 2. W213 front and rear brake kits original. Mileage clocked on the brakes less than 3k as I changed out to BBK. Condition almost new 9/10 Front selling for $250 Rear $200. Take both for $400. 3. W213 E200 2018 original front bumper. Almost brand new as I switch out to amg bumper 2 weeks after getting the car. Condition 9/10. Selling for $500 4
  2. Hi everyone just ordered my E200 Avant garde from C&C looking forward to the ride !
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