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  1. Due to CEL, I needed to replace the thermostat, and was quoted $700 to $800 to replace it. A week later, I sent in my car to the workshop, I was charged $1.2k for replacement of thermostat and oil cooler which came as a shock to me. Spoke to the workshop and was told that as the oil cooler needed to be replaced. Is this a reasonable price?
  2. I calculated I got once or twice check engine light in the past 2 years. My ride is 6.5 years old. Normal?
  3. Hi kepiting1sg, thanks for the recommendation. I went to TLS Auto and they fixed the issue. Am impressed with their quality of work.
  4. Yah, the turbocharger unit. What are the reliable workshops around? Thanks!
  5. Hi all Recently, my CLA 200 ride, check engine light came on in the morning when I started the car. I sent in to a workshop for diagnosis and they said was timing gear issue. They told me to go to C&C and check to confirm. That same day, in the afternoon, the check engine light went away. Anyhow, the next day, I still send in my car to C&C. Even though the check engine light was gone, I thought the fault code will still be in the memory. C&C told me to replace the turbo engine. They couldn't find any issue with the camshaft or timing gear. My mileage is about 61,000k
  6. Hi, Is your experience whereby when stepping on the accelerator, the speed doesn't seem to be going up. On E mode, sometimes, I feel the car is a bit sluggish at gear 7 when the speed was at 60 - 70 plus km/h. Need to wait for it to drop to gear 6 to have the car to be able to pick up. Anyone else having such sluggish performance on CLA 200? Regards
  7. Hi guys, need some advices. My front tyres left about 7mm and rear tyres about 6mm. My front tyres are newer than the rear. I'm wondering whether should I change all 4 tyres or just my rear tyres. If I changed only the rear tyres, it seems the new ones will wear out faster as they need to compensate for the front tyres which are old. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I sent in my car for the service clinic and was offered by the SA to take up the Star Care Service Plan. It's a package that comes with 3 X standard services: B+, A and B. SA told me the total cost was about $4k plus. The cost of the plan with GST is about $1k and I would save about $1k in total on the 3 services. That means for the 3 services I will pay $3k plus (including the plan). I will get 10% discount for parts. Has anyone took up this plan before and whether it is worth getting? Thanks for the advice in advanced.
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