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  1. Thanks Denn! Just curious, will you be doing any? Yours is a coupe so the rim should be alright, grill is diamond, so really not much to change already! haha
  2. Hey guys, I'm a newbie and have a few questions. I own a GLC200. I don't like the stock rims. CnC told me to change to original MB rims otherwise the warranty will void. I went to Benzline and was quoted $7k. I think it is too expensive. Is it necessary to change to original rims? What will happen if I change to a bigger rim but not original MB ones? I read from this forum that we can buy grills online and install it DIY. If I buy the grill is there anywhere I can go to have a professional to change it for me? In case I spoil something! Is my GLC200 also
  3. Agree. Anywhere you would recommend to get reasonably priced ones?
  4. Thanks for your replies guys! Because of what they told me, I went to ask about the original MB rims and it costs 7k! So I retreated... haha but i really don't like the stock 17" rims.
  5. Hi all, I'm a first time owner of GLC200. Hope to learn from all here. I was told that if I change my rims to non original MB ones, the warranty will be voided. Is this true?
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