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  1. Hi fellow members, My W205 is having this rattling noise at the dashboard area, near to the windscreen area. The rattling sound is very obvious when driving on any slightly bumpy road or uneven road and going up/down MSCP. Any similar experience or advise to fix this dash area noise problem? This is very frustrating as I’m quite intolerance to such interior cabin noise.
  2. SGMotorfest Mega Car Club MEET UP Date: 27 April (Sat) Time: 4.30pm till late Location: KLP (carpark 5) We managed to secure limited lots for SGMERC - (over 700 Rides are expected to turn up) Please RSVP now! 1) Roxxi C Koup 2) Jon X W205 C69S 3) TJ W177 4) Dark Saint W205 5) Alex Lee W205 6) President Jimmy E69S 7) Billy GLC President 8) Deryk W205 9) Goh GLA 10) SGMERC Reserved 11) SGMERC Reserved 12) SGMERC Reserved 13) SGMERC Reserved 14) SGMERC Reserved 15) SGME
  3. RSVP for 9tro Alliance Meet Singapore - Last Mega Car Club Meet Up for 2017 1) Roxxi - GLA 2) DarkSaint (SGMERC Mod) - C Klass 3) Datok Alvin- C Klass 4) President Jimmy - E63S 5) EOS - C Klass 5) Alex Lee - C Klass 6) Goh - GLA 7) Toh - E klass 8) Kenneth - C Klass Coupe 9) Jeremy - CLA 10) William - CLA 11) Ceno - C Klass 12) Derick - E Klass Koup 13) Alvin - C Klass 14) Desmond - C63 FlagShip Kar 15) Darren - C Klass 16) Julian - CLA 17) Big Boss C
  4. Hi hi, AIG refer me to MOVA automotive for my insurance claim repair works. Need some feedback on this workshop repairing W204? Thanks in advance.
  5. GTG Signup List: 1) snsd555 2) chris 3) keltanky 4) markcwq 5) odessus 6) Ah Bui 7) wnws 8) Angsnj 9) darksaint 10) BabyA 11) lhraiders 12) metanoia 13) melvsee 14) deryklascanzi (will come if I can knock off on time) 15) nicobogoss 16) asteroids 17) cts1984 18) mga180s 19) J&E (try to make it after 530pm if I can) 20) J888 21) Raymond kcgoh 22) Johng 23) AMG28 24) rickosw 25) darrenwei( I need the decal) 26) Pocket_Rocket (Decal Please) 27) cktee (decal pls) 28) Callylow 29) slimb 30) Lonelyby2 (Try to Recfm again) 31) jeremerc 32) stanford 33) audiorook (
  6. Hi Moderators, who can I approach to buy the SGMERC decal? i can self-collect from any location. kindly advise.
  7. Ladies & Gentlemen, The long-awaited 1st mega-meetup of 2014 is here. Date: 1st March 2014 (Saturday) Time: 1630 - 1830 Location: Optima Werkz (site/venue sponsor) 6 Kung Chong Road, Singapore 159143 Parking: FREE Highlights: Media coverage by local top magazines Individual car showcase FREE SGMerc decal for all members (thanks to sponsors) Food/drinks provided More information will be posted closer to the date (itinerary), etc. For now, mark your calendars as there will be free food/drinks, collecting of official SGMerc decal, and more! download.jpg 1) snsd555 2) keltan
  8. Hi asiadj, Spoke to Benzline on few occasions some time back. What I was told that the manual high beam lighting doesn't work after retrofit. Is that correct?
  9. hi markcwq, I'm aware the original ILS cannot be 100% retrofit as there are coding error for the high beam light (cannot work). is it correct?
  10. Okie. But will exhaust system release more power? Was told that upgrading exhaust and air intake usually come as a pair. Better air intake system allow more air into the engine and in turn release via exhaust. Similar to our human respiratory system during running. Else the runner (engine) will be out of breadth (choking).
  11. Hi Bros and Gurus, Am deciding if to upgrade exhaust system for my 2012 C180 CGI (1.8). Read from some reviews that turbo engines are particularly fussy on back pressure. Turbo engines require very carefully controlled back pressure upstream of the turbo correctly spec'ed for the specific turbo & rev range. Have spoken to workshops and been warned the effect of low end loss after installing. Need to do ecu tuning to complement the performance exhaust system. Hence, need to seek some advise here on the effect of back pressure (loss low end). Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi bro, can i ask what brand is your quad exhaust installed? Is it much improvement after installed monster tune with quad exhaust?
  13. thanks bro for the clarifications. I love the AMG V rims but prefer a staggered setup. will give it a miss.
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