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  1. Checking around now. Will share as much as I can. Thanks.
  2. Any recommended dealer or buyer whom may offer body value to scrap W211 ?
  3. Yes, W211 on 19" (Front 245, rear 275).
  4. May be 19" will magnify the athestic look better, especially staggered set-up.
  5. Wonder why not fill-up fuel tank prior heading back to Tuas ?
  6. Also, imagine chemicals circulating inside cabin while the occupants are inhaling the air...
  7. Mee too, even my W211 is turning 8 years young, I make sure not a single noise. To me, undercarriage/suspension/wheels are important, it gives you the Mercedes "butt" feel.
  8. I recall some news said "BBS is going after replica maker..."Is replica has any implication on safety or handling ? Especially on heavier vehicles made/model, such as MB ?
  9. Nice, like the rims. Not consider changing the head lights ? (would brighten the whole front like new)
  10. I changed from 16" stock to 19" staggered 245/35 : 275/30 (Vertini Concave) with PSS tyres for my W211, for the fun of improved handling, especially at NSHW expressway speed. Also, improved the aesthetic look.
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