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  1. the price with boot compartment lower to SGD50 Do text me at 9647 0909 if you need pictures or interested.
  2. Hi all, I have the boot compartment for my E/W212 to sell. selling at SGD$130, cash and carry Do text me at 9647 0909 if you need pictures or interested.
  3. Hello Word from a friend, he went for the car maintenance service few weeks ago n was asked by the Service Advisor if he would like to purchase a extended warranty for 2 years since his ride is expiring soon next year (new car purchase 2016). Estimated Part warranty about $2300 Estimated Workman $1300 Any car owner purchase the extended warranty? Thanks
  4. Interested parties pls whatsapp me @ 96470909
  5. Hi, I have a car cam from TOMO-CNC who is a authorize dealer for MB and I am selling the front and rear cam. Price selling at $100. If you are interested, please call or contact me at 96470909. Thanks Ben
  6. carfrom my past experience, try not to park near or underneath a man hole parking lots. I remember that after I have parked (below a covered round man hole), the follow day whenever I started the aircon, a very bad smell. I don't think carry food may have cause the smell.
  7. Please contact me if interested Selling Price down to $140 Contact: 96470909 (WhatsApp or LINE)
  8. any one interested? Contact: 96470909 (WhatsApp or LINE)
  9. Hi everyone, Looking to sell the above car cam used 1.5 year (condition is 8/10) directly from CNC Model: JS400 HIGH DEFINITION RECORDING DUAL CHANNEL HIGH HEAT THRESHOLD JS400 supports different Modes – Driving, Event motion and Parking Selling Price: SGD200 Pickup: Self collection or nearby MRT station Contact: 96470909 (WhatsApp or LINE) Note: there is NO SD card & also get your own accessory shop to install. The camera is already dismantled and be collected anytime.
  10. i hope i am right. This parking motion will only be connected to the car battery for 24 to 48 hour depending on the cam setting. I am sure it will 'cut off' after certain perimeter setting and auto stop the motion if the car had parked for a longer period.
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