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  1. Price reduced. $4800 of credits, selling at $3000
  2. The front pads are thicker than the rear pads. Also, the electronic parking brake for the W205 auto releases when you put the car in drive, before you step on the accelerator. https://www.bremboparts.com/europe/en/catalogue/mercedes-benz-c-class-w205-c-200-205-042/000100551-1
  3. Hi Nicky, Rear pads are thinner than front pads. I would not change the water pump unless it's broken because MB parts are very hardy. I assume you're driving a W205 with 7 gears because your ride was from 2015. The 7G-tronic transmission is very hardy and should not cause you any issues even beyond 200k km.
  4. Dear all, I have $59xx of service credits for sale as I am changing ride. Will be happy to let go at $5000. We can deal at C&C Alexandra as it can only be used at the gift shop/ for accessories. Thank you.
  5. Which model was the rims originally fitted on? Can you double confirm the measurements please?
  6. Selling a set of 4 18” C117 CLA rims. The rims are already out of the car. Selling because I bought the wrong size and it won’t fit my car. No curb rash. Suitable for W176 A-Class and W246 B-Class as well. The rims are 18x7.5J ET52. Asking $500 OBO Please contact me at 9 zero 789 zero 7 zero for more enquiries. Thank you.
  7. SC is not transferable. It’s tagged to the original owner of the vehicle.
  8. C-class used to be at a semi-private area in Alexandra but it’s now at Pandan as other seniors have mentioned. You also get a nice private room with photo taking and all when buying a Jag. But I still happily continue to buy merc because I feel that there is more to a joyful car ownership than how I collect the car
  9. Hi Boss, I think W212 E250 and up comes with ILS since the first batch in 2009. The FL W212 comes with ILS with 29 LEDs on the Advantgarde models, even for E200. W213 doesn't have an ILS option. It's either high performance LED or straight to Multibeam with 84 LEDs.
  10. I'm glad that you managed to solve the issue. Really much better than replacing the whole headlight.
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