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  1. Hihi! I am changing my ride to CLA180 (C118) from my trusty C180K (W204) Anyone knows if: 1) My current DTE pedalbox throttle controller #3704 can work on C118? If cant, anyone knows the part number pls? 2) Part number for C118's K&N drop-in filter? Thank you in advance guys!!!=))
  2. Hi! Looking to eliminate the lag on my W204 C180 Is this the only thing needed or does it come with other gadgets to work well?
  3. I tried to transfer via bluetooth but it wasnt able to send thru or b accepted by my car. Is there any particular way u did for yours pls?? Thanks in advance for your help=))))
  4. Hi After i switched to a Samsung S9, i am unable to connect and share my contacts to my C180. Kept getting the error verbal message "The Phonebook is Empty" Been Pairing and Unpairing but it doesnt work this time round, compared to when i was using a Samsung S8. Anyone solved this issue before? Thanks!!!
  5. Hi guy! May i ask whether anyone knows the model number of my car's (W204 C180 Kompressor) K&N Air filter? Dunno whether is it the conical shape or the flat one. Car has been feeling sluggisg during pickup, esp when trying to accelerate right after slowing the car down. Gonna try changing spark plugs and air filter and see if it helps. Thanks in advance!!
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