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  1. Just got mine 3 weeks ago, any new CLS owner here so we can share mod and tips.
  2. http://www.mods4cars.com/sms/shop/?p=b3JnYT1zbWFydHRvcCZncm91cD0xJmxhbmc9MiZjdXJyPTEmc21zX2NvdW50cnk9MTg4JmFjdGlvbj1ob21l&r=aHR0cDovL2lzZWFyY2guYXZnLmNvbS9zZWFyY2g/cT1zbWFydCt0b3Amc2FwPWhwJmxhbmc9ZW4mbWlkPWI3YmU3YTljYmIyYjQ3ZDBhYzYwZDE2YjUzN2ExZjliLTgwZGE4MjE5MTI1ZDg5MDIxZTgwODIyYmY4YzUzMDJkNWJmOWMyNWImY2lkPSU3QjkyQzczMEUwLUVGNDQtNEM2MS1BRTM1LUVDQzcyQkE5OEZGOCU3RCZ2PTE1LjIuMC41JmRzPUFWRyZkPTUlMkYxNyUyRjIwMTMrOSUzQTE1JTNBMzMrUE0mcHI9cHImc25kPWhwJnNhcF9hY3A9MCZwaWQ9YXZn I done mine at Boss autosport for $650 net inclusive of installation 1 year ago. they are the authorize distributor
  3. From the picture Alcon is using 2 pcs disc. AMG BBK for 6K+ is using heavy single pcs Disc. for two pcs disc need to add additional 2K.
  4. My piecha exhaust is LTA approved.
  5. Hi guys, where can i install Heat shield for my exhaust and roughly how much it cost? my right side didn't have heat shield and it's kind of hot in the boot after i change to Quad Exhaust.
  6. Venue: Singapore Sports Council ERP Carpark (beside KFC and MAC) Date: Sunday 27th May 2012 (Sunday) Time: 4.30pm - 6.30pm 1) 3 chio bu team 2) Mem0ry27 ( first time joining) 3) Barney (wear passionwins polo-tee got special or not?) 4) snsd555 5) Phang (aka Ah Phang) 6) Lcohol 7) jes 8) ClearVision 9) Unker Batam 10) Red Baron 11) Desmond Choo 12) HYM 13) kclee99 (virgin) 14a) JACK 15) jon 16) Max 17) Machi 18) Bran 19) Skywalker 20) 21) Berrie (TBC) 22) androoler (First-time, waited since 2 mths ago) 23) AlanLim (TBC) Please cut & paste the above list & add i
  7. bro Jon, the guy on the left look familiar, surname Lim?
  8. remind me of a incident happen to my friend who was waiting for a Cab. she went into back seat of a white E class mercedes who happen to stop during traffic. the uncle in the car told her" Miss my car is not a Cab" she was so like
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