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  1. If your car is 6 months old, why dun you get it checked out by the agent? Anyway, I drive A200 and yes it creeps if i lift off the brakes. And I have been caught in 1 hr plus jam at tuas but didn't experience the rumbling "earthquake". I occasionally put in N when caught tuas jam
  2. The new A Class (W177), the base petrol models, A180 add A200 will be fitted with Renault sourced 1.4 litre engines and will have torsion bar rear end suspension instead of multi link on the w176.
  3. Do you mind telling me what brand the battery is? If it has the same specs, I don't mind trying the battery. Oh wow!, you could have changed the setvice in the spot. Collect m, say, at 5pm. Give them enouf time to service and re-map. I sent on specifically for the "sudden acceleration" as I thought it was "dangerous" as I didn't know when the car would surge forward... after it occurred 3 times during a month, i bookef add sent it in. C&C crap, initially asked me if I used original floormats.. fortunately I was, otherwise they would have told me it was floormats! I was annoyed and
  4. I think it was 6 months after I took delivery of the car. I had intermittent low speed "sudden acceleration". I sent the car in for "sudden acceleration". They re-mapped and changed battery under warranty. If you want precise dates, I can check. But approx 6 months after delivery. C&C claimed battery tested and it was weak.
  5. I think our cars use Varta AGM 70Ah, 760Amps. It is almost like "deep cycle" battery. It has high amps for the start/stop function. If you don't use the start/stop function, I guess any battery is ok. I had "sudden acceleration" sometime in early 2017 like you. Mine sept 16 A200. They "re-downloaded" ecu software and also claimed my battery was weak, but it was replaced foc. So far so good after the re-map
  6. Yes, I got it in the registered mail about 1 week ago. I had jumped the gun though. When i sent my car in in november, I asked Eunos to do the recall at the same time. C&C installed a fuse, which i guess will "blow" if current is too high
  7. Mine is done... but strangely I think the current recall by C&C was a result of a global recall initiated in March 2017. If I am not wrong, I think there is another global recall by Daimler, in sept 2017, relating to "accidental deployment" of air bags. Apparently needs re-wiring. So we may yet receive another letter in 6 months time
  8. I think the recall is related to this. (See below) Mine is Sept 2016 A200. I had mine done sometime in october. They installed a fuse to prevent "overload". **** Manufacturer Recall Date 15 Aug 2017 Estimated Completion Year of Recall 2018 Brief Description (As Provided by Motor Dealer) The starting current limiter could be overloaded during the starting procedure under certain conditions. If the starter was blocked due to previous damage (e.g. engine damage due to water ingestion damage), an extremely high electric curren
  9. Yes, you can. I also got for "Happy 1 year old for your car".. collapsable plastic box.. quite useful. And yes, you can just present. I just presented after servicing the car and they gave it to me
  10. Driver's side mirror cannot tilt downwards. Only the passenger side mirror tilts to help you see the curb. I just wind down window and look out for the driver's side.
  11. Mine is 1 year old A200FL. I tried the instructions.. with key in "on".. i couldn't engage reverse. I had to start the car and it worked.
  12. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/mercedes-recalls-400-000-uk-cars-on-airbag-fault-9316792
  13. I think the battery warranty is 2 years or 30,000 km.. whichever comes first. I saw it somewhere in the fine print of 1 of the booklets.
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