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  1. Thanks Kepiting. I enjoyed reading it.
  2. Hi Bro kepiting,

    This is Derrick (Audio 086). Sorry, I am new to this forum, where can I find 3 pages articles on service workshops? 

    Also, Can you teach me how to respond to your PM directly, rather coming here. 

    Thanks Bro for speed response. 

  3. Hi, Did anyone take up the 2 years extended warranty? What I understand is not like the 3 years warranty that covers every single part. Thanks
  4. Hi bro, sis, My C180 is closed to 3 years old and am looking for a reliable workshop. Appreciate if you can PM me. Any location will be fine for me. Many Thanks!
  5. Hi, My W205 is fitted with a local GPS set and the voice of the GPS is coming out from the display screen. How can I adjust the volume of the GPS voice? Thanks
  6. I believe the model is W205, interested to know the "best" deal, especially on the over trade that I can push. Thanks
  7. Interested to get a C180. Anyone knows the latest price . Appreciate if you can PM me. Thanks
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