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  1. Have the AMG line version (with the AMG brake) and have not encountered any screeching from day one! Fingers crossed!
  2. Have used both for my previous ride and now choose to use 3D maxpider. For me , the custom fit (does not move around at all), easy maintenance (vacuum with occasional wash and dry) and the OEM look made Maxpider a simple choice for me. I personally do not find the 3M style mats not to be as aesthetically pleasing. If you are planning to go the 3M style mats, my suggestion is to stick with the 3M brand. Quality of the other look alikes cannot match 3M and do not last as long. Tried almost every supplier of such mats. Good luck with the search.
  3. Seems like it really is this way the engine sounds. Guess I have put this down as another learning experience :).
  4. Finally picked up the car (GLC250) over a month ago and the one of the things that has bothered me is the sound of the car. For a petrol engine, it sounds too much like a Diesel engine to me. No problems within the well insulated cabin Just from outside the car Was told that this is normal for a Mercedes. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Thanks!
  5. With a black car, all you then have to worry about are visible hairline scratches and visible dirt when the car is dirty.
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