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  1. My 2017 W205 does have windows rattling and wipers juddering.. but there are solutions By marcolarco: http://www.sgmerc.com/topic/20927-w205-window-rattling-sound-drivers-side/ By jtang: http://www.sgmerc.com/topic/24167-juddering-wipers-no-more/ Now every 2 weeks I would use silicon spray on all v-fold areas at doors and window frames.. and tire gel on the wipers.. windows quiet as a mouse and wipers smooth as silk ever since
  2. New and unused W205 carbon fibre design center console cover. Easy DIY installation with double-sided tape at back of covers. $50 - WhatsApp me at 91509842.
  3. I bought a CF-trim set from taobao.. its the same cover type with double-sided tape.. its nice looking but i decided to change entire console instead of using this.. If keen do PM me.. pass my unused set cheap cheap to you, as I dont need it.. mine is model B type without clock
  4. Check with the usual merc zhng shops.. Benzline, Sonic etc I replaced my w205 piano-black center console with open-pore black wood ash at Benzline recently. I know Sonic has the CF center console. Even if no ready stock, these zhng shops can easily bring in for you
  5. Agree that this recommendation is awesome!!! I applied Meguiar's tyre gel last week and it works beautifully too!!! and yup a bit of smear on first couple of wipes.
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