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Grooming - Premium Glass Coating

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Unlock that showroom shine, drive with pride with a sparkling clean car.

ThreeBond Premium Glass Coating, the superior protective paintwork coating from Japan.

Want your car to look as good as new? ThreeBond Premium Glass Coating is a superior Japanese coating that uses nanotechnology to bond together with your vehicle paintwork, delivering long-term protection and a longer lasting shine.


  1. Highly water-repellent
    - Hydrophobic finish allows water beads to roll off easily
    - Minimal dirt adhering to treated surface
    - Added layer of protection against water spots and pollutants
  2. Paint and Shine Protection
    - Enhances longevity of shine
    - Mitigates paint discolouration from UV rays
  3. Low Maintenance
    - Simply wash and wipe to achieve a superior shine
    - High resistance against dirt and grime

Saloon: $388 nett/session (Re-conditioning treatment: $50 nett)
Luxury: $418 nett/session (Re-conditioning treatment: $60 nett)
MPV/SUV: $458 nett/session (Re-conditioning treatment: $80 nett)

Call us at 6383 5000 for more information or book your appointment now!


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