W204 knocking sounds on uneven roads and reversing

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Hi All, 

After solving the thermostat issue few months ago, now I notice few more issues on my W204FL 1.6 CGI.
Probably due to the age (just past 7 years) and mileage (slightly over 120000km)

1. Single knock sound when reversing + turning steering wheel full lock. Saw a post in forum - maybe the control arms

2. Shocks are noisy over hump. This seems straightforward, I'm planning to replace it with Bilstein B4 (OEM).

3. Knocking sounds when going low speed over uneven surfaces. This can be concrete hump, or simply any road that is not smooth. 

#3 is really annoying as it's getting frequent. What could be the possible parts for this problem?

So far I have only replaced front stabilizer links (sway bar). Appreciate any input from brothers/sisters who had these problems.

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#2 and #3 is probably connected. 

When you refresh the dampers, might as well change all the related components: the strut mounts, strut bearings, dust cover etc.. 

Just call a stockist and tell them you wanna get all related components.

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