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2019 Mercedes G550/G63 Purchase Issues.

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Hey guys. Long time lurker first time poster. As a fan Ive been able to proudly own a few Mercedes'. First one was the 1994 500SEL/S500 and now a 2018 GLS550. But . I digress.

Im in Vancouver, BC and as a long time owner am I the only one facing difficulty procuring the G wagon? In BC majority of Benz dealers are owned by Mercedes Benz Canada. But getting on the list and getting the vehicle has become near impossible. My conversations with the dealers have come to the conclusion I am not getting one until 2020. I am fine because i am an enthusiast. I have a feeling theres more sinister intentions possible bad business practices and acting in Faith.

Now lets establish a few things: I understand the G Wagon takes time to Manufacture, There is Demand it hold its value etc. Im not naive it just seems theres something missing with the retailers in Vancouver. They're priorities are misguided but I really want to know what the experience has been wherever this post reaches.

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