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Hola, Just gotten myself a W205 Y2014 model. Mileage around 30,000 I would like to know if there are any good recommended workshop that able to retrieve history of this car? 

Issues I found so far driving.

1. Ranting sound when i'm driving at sound occur at both driver and passenger door lower the window glass a little it completely gone. Knowing it a known issue would like to request how you guys fix it?

2. Rear left Handle light need to be replace anyone have good recommendation to get it fix?

3. Upon starting of car there a click click sound coming from the centre console. Anyone face this issue?

4. Would like to check the shock suspension too.

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You have to know which workshop the previous owner went to, then you can ask them to check for your service record.

If its C&C, it's easier; they only reveal info to the owner of the car

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