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In collaboration with SGMercs, we are pleased to present the following  promotion campaign:

PRMposter 2.jpg

Additional Benefits

1) Free NCD Protection (NCDP) for policies with NCD 30% and above

2) Personal Accident (PA) benefit for Insured / Authorised Driver of the said vehicle – $50,000

3) Personal Accident (PA) benefit for Passenger(s) - $20,000 per passenger, up to 4 passengers

4) Loan Protector of $30,000 in the event of Accidental Death

5) Waiver of windscreen excess for repair works at appointed glass repairers and more!

In celebration of National day, we are also throwing out S$53 worth of cash card for each qualifying policy.


Get a QUOTE NOW, click



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Hello Friends of SGMERC!

Please support support ok! haha



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