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Hi W205FL members

we have a SGMERC C Klass Telegram chat , please send your car & contact details to myself or Darksaint to be added


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After watching Mr JWW, i found out more hidden voice commands that you can use inside your W205FL

below are two clips - do share if your found out any new ones






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ok, list of "issues" facing W205 FL which C&C can and cannot resolve

1) Air Con not cold" - need to switch to volume 3/4 . (my GLA is only 0.5/1 , W204 Koup 1/2)

AD C&C reply, "known problem" no solution, u suck it up. 

Lan Lan, go third party workshop install window tint . hopefully can help reduce my sweating.

2) No MB welcome Display 

AD C&C Reply, only affect Mild Hybrid cars, NO SOLUTION, U SUCK IT Up

lan lan, watch youtube, imagine the MB logo is on my ride

3) Windscreen wipers juddering, this one i know the solution as i kena from GLA 

just use your 3 "Free polish" package, 

AD C&C have "polish" liao, can see a lot of dust, but lately weather is super hot, no rain, so cannot confirm this solve the issue, but i guess it should work

4) radio stations 

power 98, 92FM a bit "noisy" , distortion, not as clear as other stations, but i can leave with it, not end of the world. i didnt report this issue

one thing, i notice C&C SA immediately check my car computer , etc ... generate some reports ..... 

i did ask them if there are any software updates or recall exercise, of which they reply none. 




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