Original Apple CarPlay Compared with After Market

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Finally this fake CarPlay: Car Cool Play is here waiting for the penalty. 
5 Reasons:
1: When it is in CarPlay mode, Reverse camera wont show up automatically when Gear R. 
2: Sound is go through FM transmitter, got inference from time to time especially in Tunnel. 
3: Display quality is quite Low, because it is go through a Low quality video interface. 
4: Can not hear radio when in CarPlay Navi, if switch to Radio, then can not hear Navi voice guidance. 
5: USB Port is dangling in the Cup holder side. Not in the original USB port in armrest compartment. 
6: CarPlay connection is intermittent, sometimes connection auto drop. Need unplug and plug to connect.

First of all, it is a good product from China, the engineers must did a lot I believe, including the original controller, and steering button can toggle the Cool Play System.

I do wish they can settle all the issues I mentions above.

Max from EleBest Pte Ltd


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