W204 FL 2013 Unable to start at times.

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Would appreciate if anyone who has similiar problems share their experiences. I've searched and read through the forum post. This is unlikely related to Green Key issue. Thanks in Advance.

Story goes:-

Last Sat morning, car suddenly couldn't start. Push start button totally don't crank. Had to use key to manually force cranking. Despite so, only able to crank at times.

If car is able to start, everything functions normally. However, even after driving for 15-20mins, the battery may or may not charge. Weak battery is distinctly felt by the soft horn locking sounds thats why I know why sometimes it charges but sometimes not.

Initially thought faulty battery and Changed a battery on the same day.

With new battery, everything resumes to normal. But a week later. Same situation happens again. My car is totally stock and has no addition modifications except car cam which was already disconnected. Also suspected external batttery pack faulty but has already disconnected the car cam although the external battery pack is not removed. Despite so, same thing happened. Anyone can share their experience or some idea whats going on? Thanks.

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Check spark plugs too. The car basically need 3 elements - air (check for hose leakage), fire (spark plugs) & fuel to get the engine started.

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Bros who replied - thank you very much for the inputs.

Took more than 2 weeks to trace the issue and I could only update after confirming the source of issue.

Well, the source of problem was traced to a defective cellink+ (battery for car cam) and an over capacity battery ( much bigger than required). Orginal battery was found to be defective.

For C class, the recommended is 80AH but the tyre shop replaced with 85AH. 

Hope this helps to provide some reference for others in future. Cheers.

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On 11/10/2018 at 3:57 PM, giggss said:

i thought FL W204 C180 original battery is 72Ah and not 80Ah ?

Anyway, the problems I had was due to the battery. I was shown the spec through the Mercedes Computer. It says 60! Mechanic changed to a 60 Ah battery and the car kept dying! 

Now changed to a bigger battery and the problem went away. 

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