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Need advice for 2008 C180K

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Hello all, 

I need some advice from the masters here!

1st qns: I am hearing some "tok tok" sound from my ride when going over humps or uneven ground. What could be the issue? Which workshop should i visit in the east and estimated damage? 

2nd qns: bought my ride mileage passed 130000km. What is the schedule and type of servicing for this type of mileage? 

3rd qns: how could we verify if the electronic mileage is not tampered with?


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Bro i am NO master LOL but same as you i just bought a '07 C200K & will definitely renew for another 10 yrs since i have already spend a few $K changing some of the parts.

The following is what I have experienced: -

1) After driving for 2 months i hear "tok tok" sound during reverse parking. I went to mechanic in SG and they told me the upper, lower arm and the linkage bar have worn out hence i suspect the sound is due to this.

My car is very bumpy & shaky over hump and uneven road, after further inspection front & rear absorber plus engine mounting also need to change due to normal wear & tear and the tyres have also expired.

Hence 2 days ago I just replaced the above with original parts in M'sia (all parts i bought in SG first) but did not change the tyres ....... tok tok sound and bumpiness has reduced however i felt the improvement is only 40%. I will change the tyres and see how it goes.

2) I bought my ride at 78000 km. I was advised by few mechanics to change the transmission oil (including casket, nuts & filter), engine oil (including filter), spark plug and also rear axle lub.

I will try engine De-carbonizing (my car jerks when gear change from 1st to 2nd) before doing (2)

3) I was told by few mechanics if i want to know whether mileage tampered b4, i have to go back C&C if not hard to tell or rather outside mechanic not so willing to check on this. This does not really bother me that much so it will leave it alone.

It may sound like there's a lot to be done, but after comparing the price of a new car vs mine (9.5 years old), IMO i felt it is still worth to spend on replacement and I have also mentally prepared myself before buying this car. 

However I am still a little annoyed that I am not able to solve the issue 100%, luckily i did save quite a bit of $$$.......buying parts directly from supplier and paying just for labour in M'sia which is so much cheaper and yet very professional.

Hope this might be of some help to you

Best of luck



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sorry for the late reply

I bought all original parts from PAS located at Blk 32 Sin Ming Drive #01-325  btw i am not affiliated with them just sharing the lobang

In Jb i went to WeOne car workshop located near KSL

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