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Full Maintenance (ASSYST Plus Service B+) Every 4 years / 60,000 km, whichever comes first.


Lubricants and Parts Replacement:

1. 5W50 Engine oil 

2. Engine oil filter, air / dust filter, fuel filter#, auto transmission filter

3. Transmission fluid

4. Coolant

5. Spark plugs*


Check and Top-up

1. Fluid level of windshield washer, power steering, brake, transmission and rear window washer system#,

2. Tyre / spare tyre pressure

3. Radiator coolant level, water ratio



1. ASSYST system reset

2. Battery load test

3. Alternator performance test


Tyres and Rims

1. Tyres condition checks, rotate and balance tyres

2. Alloy rims and rim bolts condition checks (only upon wheel rotation)



1. Engine compartment wash

2. Engine V-belt check

3. Major components leakage checks

4. Check chafing, routing of lines and damaged components

5. Exhaust system checks



1. Brake efficiency check



1. Front suspension joints, track rod, drag link joints condition checks

2. Door and lid catches, gearbox mounting, propeller shaft companion plates condition checks


For more information, pls call us at 96919222. Thanks 


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29th March 2017. Methanol kit is one of the greatest hardware upgrade. Dyno Charts above show the differences in Without and with methanol Kit installed and tuned. Interested to find out more pls call me at 96919222 or drop by my workshop. Thank you. 


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Good news for all Mercedes car owners!

Can't wait to tune your car for a more pleasurable drive, but worry about your warranty. Fret not, Dynotechnica have our ways and means. Feel free to drop by my workshop for a detail discussion. 

Customized ecu tuning will make your car a pleasure to drive with improve bhp and torque for a more responsive drive. 

You are welcome to drop by my workshop for a non obligation discussion.  

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30th May 2017. Ordered this AMG big brake kit for my customer. Dynotechnica sell authentic AMG big brake kit for Mercedes Benz. Direct bolt on with original suitable bracket for your car. We carry, good and genuine big brake kit such as AP Racing, endless and Brembo etc. Do call me at 96919222 for more details or drop by my workshop.IMG_4887.thumb.JPG.3c90c18dc1861f655908f29329307458.JPGIMG_4888.thumb.JPG.c987d57768baffca0e95c6ac164f0679.JPG



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Dear customers and Friends,


Kindly be Informed that our workshop will be closed for Chinese New Year from 15th -21st February 2018. (年除夕到年初六)


We will be back in Office on 22nd February 2018. 我们会在年初七开工。


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 


祝大家新年快乐,万事如意 ,大富大贵,生意兴隆 和步步高升!

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Dear Customers and Friends,


We wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous New Year!


We will reshme business on 11th February 2019 (Monday) 


新年发大财,万事如意 和 心想事成!

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Dear Valuable friends of Dynotechnica, please be informed of our closure period during Chinese Lunar New year 🧧 

24th January 2020 ( Thursday) —-2nd February 2020 (Sunday) Closed for Chinese New Year. 

Our workshop will resume business on 3rd February 2020 ( Monday)

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year 🧧 Thank you for the continuous support and trust in us.

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