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Guys i am new to this forum..i just got my w124 about a month ago. Its not my first, before this i had a 230E a couple of years back. I am having a problem lately. My car will max out only at 120km/h on full throttle. Its frustrating when going up north. I have checked all vacuums and fuel lines but it's just maxing out at 120 on full throttle. 

Don't know what the problem is. I have changed everything fuel related except for the fuel distribuitor. And at time's the car feels as light as a feather on acceleration and at times heavy as a tank..need your help guys pls.

By the way mine is a 1990 model without catalytic convertor.

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changed bro. But one thing i noticed is each time i open the fuel tank there is a gush of air coming out. Pressed accelerator all the way..just wont climb further than 120km/h. That too it struggles to get at that speed from 100km/h onwards.

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Bro, you're staying at am i. If you don't mind, I could take a look at your engine n see what can be done to improve your car's performance..

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Abit too late but it’s probably the Fuel vent valve. Small plastic thingy that allows air to equalise into the tank as the fuel goes down. 

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There's a few local classic mb x'pert  for u to check dat out?

 •Esso 30 Durearn Rd  s309425 see mr Ho 

The moment u drive in ,u see whole lots of mercs of various 

Models in the courtyard,straight away,u noe u will b in safe hands.

Dis fella not only see to yr pride & joy,he's also give u advice.

The best thing abt  ah Kheng(his other name)is he also do

the repair,not everything is replaced.

•Shell 150 Bukit Timah Rd,229846

Boss Richard  owns two w124 and notice he dabs with a few

classic as well but he dun talk much ,he usually troubleshoot &

replace.he's the one I go to inspect my 124 prior to buying.

Best 60 bucks I ever spend,jack it up,go thru the car & give

it a spin as well.even list down the fault he pick up.

Lucky there's only a few,mine 200E is in pretty good nick.

•zen auto,heard its pretty good.i intend to check out all 

those shop.i loves to go workshop!

•Kek seng auto parts and trading

50, Jalan Shahbandar 8, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah,

 81300 Skudai, Johor

Heard a lot abt dis shop ,dey dismantle scrap mercs ,something 

like propel in Kranji but dey do repair & some tuning.

Heard a few tweek from their tau chew(chief Mechanic)

improve the fuel consumption considerably.

Dis is NOT the usual mb shop dat ppl goes to but

highly recommended for ppl in the noe.


But of coarse u must LIKE propel fb,so dat u can b updated

with the type of mercs dey are scrapping & u can liase

with them on what part u Wan.

As I mention in the veri beginning ppl here have not realli 

dabs into the classic scene yet.

Its veri vibrant & dynamic,one thing u must not afraid, is

to get yr fingernail dirty.

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