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New CLA 180 delivered with Engine oil level below optimum (Max ) Level

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Good Day To my Blessed Colleagues. Recently scrapped my W203 and bought a brand new CLA 180. The car was delivered with the oil level approximately 6mm below the MAX Level on the dipstick. This was highlighted to the salesperson and the matter was brought up to C&C workshop personnel.I was referred to the workshop service supervisor who took a look at the car & i was told that the correct level should be at the tiny hole where you can see the end of the flexible wire that was inserted into the red plastic end fitting where the MIN & MAX level is embossed. And was also told that only Japanese car are filled to the MAX Level. I told him that all systems that has oil / fluid to be monitored must always kept at its MAX Limit and he told me that it is written in the Mercedes Benz  Service Manual that for the Engine oil it should be at the said hole position. I asked him to print the subject matter from the Service Manual but he could not produce the evidence. The Service Manual he printed for me stated that the Engine oil with filter - should be filled with 5.8 litres of fluid and through his experience it is at the hole position.He even reiterated that the car has been delivered to me with overfilled engine oil and this would cause white smoke to emit from the exhaust and will also cause other problems. I am very annoyed with his explanations and perhaps will escalate this issue to the higher level.I have owned several cars - Japanese, Korean, Italian, French etc through these years and found that his explanation is absurd.I told him the importance of keeping every system at its optimum level - more so on a turbo engine cars but he maintained that he is correct.Hope this little experience will enlighten all my Blessed Colleagues of issues that can happen even with well established organizations.

Should anyone have the contact for Mercedes Benz Germany Service Department where I could get my problem solved  please kindly provide here.

Have a Blessed Weekend


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I think it is quite sad that we have to scan and filter information being fed to us about our car. Gone are the days where we could trust that the people from the AD would know what they are talking about and not blow so much smoke that it is difficult to determine truth from fiction. This erosion of trust is the first step in the downfall of any brand and CnC management would do well to heed and improve things quickly. 

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