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Planning to buy a 280slc

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hard to find a mint condition here in SIN.


Laterly, I went to see one RED, 79, W107 and claimed to be very nice condition


When I popped the bonnet, see the engine bay, condition is 3/10 and body cond is equally bad , it just some cheap touch up plus wielding


Paint work was also painted latterly but done in below par cond.


Best part is dealer asking 54K for this metal I would call it...


I would say a turnaway sales but offered them slightly below 20K cos I know a provision of at least 10-15K to bring her up to the glory days


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Yes, it is having a "classic plate' and the 2 digit nos will be retained by the dealer..What you got will be a SKVxxxx....


The one is T.C is a 300SL, isn't really a one owner car ?


There are 3-4 units in SGcarmart and asking high 30s but COE due 3/2019..


I think between 23-26K can buy and wait till 3/2019 then decide for another 10 year swing..


If such comes by, I will get one.....

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Is this the one?

Looks good externally from the pictures, but the engine bay looks like machiam use a can of silver spray paint to do the job.


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