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Besides our inhouse detailing services, we are humbled and proud at the same time to be the Preferred Car Detailiers

for Leading Luxury & Lifestyle Car brands like :




- Mercedes - Benz


- Mini


- Audi


We provide on site Show Car Grooming works ensuring Tip Top Condition of the Display pieces and a atheistic pleasantry that is beyond Show Room Condition for their Events.

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Hello Everyone!

Again, we have to start off by apologising for our long absence as we were pretty tied up with some interesting events and also projects that we were involve in recently.

This will be a pretty lengthy post and write up. Be warned~!:-P:-P

First up, I am sure many of you would be aware of and remember BMW World 2014 @ Marina Bay Sands from 1st to 3rd Aug.

B'Shine Grooming was engaged to provide Show Car Grooming Services to seemingly the Biggest Single Vendor Car Show Event in Singapore.

Over 50 display cars, 11 Bikes and another 50 test drive cars were under our care. :faint

Each Display Pieces had to be Pre Prep before the show for the abuse it has to receive from the public and the challenge was to ensure easy and quick maintenance through out the event while achieving Show Room Shine under the very unforgiving spotlights of the event.

It was a long and tiring event but we took away a lot from it and pride ourselves to help the car shine through out the day.

We will like to thank our good friends in the Detailing world for without for their Help, Support and advice.
This event would not had been such a successful one without you guys.

One Perks of being The Detailing Team for this is that we get to do a photoshoot without the Crowd! 

Enjoy some of the selected photos (for the full album, do visit our facebook page. )












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After our BMW World 2014 Show, We had the Honor and Privilege to provide our services for Mercedes Benz Show @ Paragon.

Each display pieces was Detailed and finished off with SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax applied by hand for a Unsurpassed Glow and Ultimate Show Car Shine.

We are Proud and Humbled to have the Trust of 2 Leading Luxury Automotive brands in Singapore for our services.










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Recently we have been getting quite familiar with the BMW i3 as it was being displayed at Capitol Tower for 


i3EcoRace 2014 Challenge and later being at the WTA event at the new Sports hub.









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Besides our inhouse detailing services, we are humbled and proud at the same time to have the trust of Leading Luxury & Lifestyle Car brands like :
- Mercedes - Benz
- Mini
to provide on site Show Car Grooming works ensuring Tip Top Condition of the Display pieces and a atheistic pleasantry that is beyond Show Room Condition for their Events.

We recently rendered our services for Mercedes-Benz Murder Mystery Party at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante.







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We also rendered our detailings services at Mercedes-Benz Centre Alexander for the Official Launch of the 2nd Generation CLS.

Trusted to make even New Cars Shine more than it should.










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In the midst of our schedule, we also had the honor to render our Detailing services for Mercedes-Benz for their launch of the all new B Class at Cycle & Carriage Alexander.

We are humbled and glad to have the trust of one of the Leading Luxury Car Brands in the world. To add a little extra to already new and beautiful cars.

The New B Class showcase Obvious Exterior styling Improvement and Signature intricate details to the Interior.














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After which we were also at Singapore Motor Show 2015 @ Suntec Convention Hall representing Mercedes-Benz.

Having 7 of these Babies under our care for 4 days.

We started to develop a emotional bond with them.












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Greetings SGMercs Members,

Just a quick update on our events and jobs recently.

Besides our inhouse detailing services, we are humbled and proud at the same time to have the trust of Leading Luxury & Lifestyle Car brands like :
- Mercedes - Benz
- Mini
to provide on site Show Car Grooming works ensuring Tip Top Condition of the Display pieces and a atheistic pleasantry that is beyond Show Room Condition for their Events.
We recently rendered our services for Mercedes-Benz Road Show at Vivocity
26th May to 31st May.

Were you there to pick up a good deal?








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We had the honor to be invited to detail the cars at Mercedes-Benz Centre Alexandra for their new launch of the CLA SB (Shooting Brake) and a few other models that will be on display.

Do head down to Mercedes-Benz Centre today to view these amazing cars and also the latest models.









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The Original CLA Coupe




The B Class








The A Class




The C200 AMG Line





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Audi Road show @ Vivocity from the 27th Jul to 2nd Aug.

We are humbled and honoured to have the Trust of yet another Premium Marques to engage our services for their events.

Audi is the latest addition to our portfolio, which consist of,

Look forward to be of service in the future.









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Invited to refine the New Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach Launch in Singapore at Mercedes-Benz Centre Alexandra. //AMG Performance Centre.

Maybach, The Essence of automotive Luxury.

First one and only in Singapore.

Glad to be able to refine it prior it's grand show to the public.

B'Shine Grooming, trusted to refine any car beyond its show room appearance.













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Hello Everyone.

Its been a while since we updated our post here but it has been a very interesting 2 weeks for us at B'Shine Grooming.

We were concurrently engage by BMW for their Launch of their revolutions all new 7 Series and also for their BMW Experience days at the Meadows @ Gardens by the Bay which span over the first 2 weeks of the event.

We are also there for Mercedes-Benz Road show over at Vivocity for the 2nd week.

Finally also for Audi during the Weekends for their Display at Cars@Expo. (Unfortunately We were in such a rush that we forgot to take photos)

Compared to the BMW World 2014 event @ MBS last yr. This year is a lot of challenging as its going to be a Indoor and also Outdoor event. Several meetings and correspondences to understand and come up with solutions to provide the service for both BMW and also to their exclusively invited guests to the events.

If I thought that the planning and logistical part was tough, the execution was even more challenging as many of our job is out under the sun and with very challenging time and physical constraints.

After 2 weeks in the sun, we have all started looking like this with our shirt off.

A huge shout out to our friends from the Detailing industries that came by to help us out with the execution or we could not have handle it all by ourselves.


After a chaotic 2 weeks and sitting back today to reflect.
Its been a fantastic learning experience for us and we are glad that the big 3 leading Luxury Automotive brands have continue to engage us over the yrs.

Trusting and believing in our knowledge, service and workmanship to bring that extra aesthetic pleasantry to their events to our best abilities.

Thanks for taking your time to read thru such a lengthy post.

We shall now continue to go back to what our core services is.
Detailing our clients car to our best abilities too!













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What have also kept us busy is our Show Car Grooming services for many car brands under our belt.

Having provided our services for,

BMW Munich Auto

We are now also engaged by 


Completing the Cycle & Carriage Multi Brand Franchise in SG.

We see this as a testimonial to our technical know how to provide a Professional Detailing services to them.

Most importantly is our level of customer service to advise, adjust and also solve problems on ground as each event's requirement is always different.
With Public interaction, many things can go wrong during a show and how we can always try to make things right that keeps this Brands continuously engaging us and recommending us to their partners thru the years.

BMW M Festive 2016 @ Old Kallang Airport






Cars @ Expo 2016






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I receive a call from KIA that they will be having a Private Launch of the all new and highly anticipated KIA Stinger and will be engaging us to detail the first 4 Stingers in Singapore.

Happening at a Esplanade Annexe Studio on the 9th of Jan, A private unveiling for KIA appreciated customers only.




Before the public unveil during the Singapore Motor Show 2018 happening at Suntec City now.


I was eagerly anticipating to be able to meet the Stinger after the phone call.

Then I received another call from KIA to ask if I was free to go pick up the KIA 3.3L Twin Turbo GT from a journalist who was loaned the car for a 2 days test drive and for him to do a write up and review on it.

Bring it back from Sembawang all the way back to KIA show room at Leng Kee.

I said, "Of course I am glad to!"

It was a rare opportunity to drive a brand new car, a brand new model and a brand new direction that KIA is heading into the Premium Performance GT segment.

I was also honored that KIA have trust in us to let us not only detail/groom their cars but also to drive this new Beast.

2 instructions I got from them.

"Stay within the speed limit"

"Drive safe"

Honestly, I scoff a little inside myself.

Hey, I'm a "wannabe boy racer" that have driven a Honda Civic Type R for 9 years and been down to OG sessions and Sepang International Circuit for casual tracking events. Had the privilege to also drive friend's and customers souped up track machines there as well.

You think I cannot handle a KIA?

Come the fateful day when I on a Uber down to pick up location. I did a little research online on the specs of the car on my phone...

As the journey goes on, I was getting increasingly excited to meet and also drive this beast. Rave reviews and the car looked gorgeous in the promotional photos and videos and the perfomance specs of the car is simply off the chart.

365-hp twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 goodness under the hood.

Its a genuine Korean Made American Muscle car. Where the rest of the world is going small displacement with Turbo technology coupled with hybrid features and electronic motors to stay environmentally friendly.
(Sorry, Petrol Heads and Tree Huggers usually don't mix very well)

KIA has gone on a different course to make this a real performance contender in its segment.

Meeting the Stinger for the first time, you can tell immediately that it intends to be fast.

A menacing large front grill to suck in enough air to cool the intercoolers for the twin turbo.

Sharp and aggressive LED headlights, Subtle and functional Aerokit design meant to cool brakes and provide downforce at high speed.

Make no mistake, the car is a long one.
4.83M in length but its fluid and elegant styling disguises its size to enhance it's sporty look while offering drivers and the passengers lots of onboard space.

With a a 4 Pot Brembo Calipers up front and also 2 Pot Brembo at the Rear, Manufacturers usually don't equip their cars with premium brake systems like this. Unless... they really need it, meaning the car will be indeed, fast.

Getting into the driver seat for the first time, I immediately was impressed by the soft nappa leather that was used for the seats.


Usually available only for the more premium models for prestigious marques even.

The cockpit was simple and functional and controls are neatly and well positioned.

KIA is usually very very generous with their in car features and they went all in with this one.

- Heads Up Display
- Ventilated seats
- Memory electronic seat control
- Full operative sunroof
- Android / apple car play
- For IphoneX users, you can finally use the wireless charging function available in the car.

Just to name a few....

However, the finish of the interior although impressive in its own right, feels a little rough on the details compared to it's more establish competitors for the premium GT segment but I am sure the next Stinger will be even more polished.

Starting the engine was a delight with a purposeful roar, the car behaves so agile for its size and weight in the small roads i had to drive out from. Pedal response and low speed gear shift is smooth.

However the highlight of the day was when I hit CTE... the road was rather clear that day.

Out of the 2 instruction I was given. I manage to keep to 1. The car was delivered to Leng Kee without a scratch.

For that reason, I cannot openly comment too much on its top speed performance but I can safely say, its spec sheet data of 0 - 100 in 4.9 sec.

It is true.

If you really want to experience the Stinger, go book yourself a test drive experience with KIA. I assure you, you wont be disappointed.

Will I pay $200k for a KIA Stinger 3.3L?

Probably not...

BUT!!!!! Not because I don't like it.
I absolutely love it.
I just cant afford it. (-_-")

I was considering to get the all new Honda Civic Type R, FK2R
Which is selling for slightly below $200k too but I decided to renew my FD2R cause I'm broke as hell and I still love my FD2R.

After driving the Stinger, (a very big) IF I had the money, I will honestly give both cars a very good consideration.

(TOTO draw... please be kind to me)

Jokes aside...

For $200k, you probably wont find another car with its specs and performance available in the market now.

Take $200k each and get a production car from any showroom and bring them down the quarter mile. It will be hard to believe anything can beat the Stinger.

More so, a car that packs 4 doors with such generous on board space for the family and a huge boot space for the weekend golfing , pram and family needs.

KIA is indeed leading the motion that I have been observing.

Korea is the new Japan.

They will definitely be improving its offerings for many years to come.



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