Beeds Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment.

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Steven has been a great customer turned friend and a supporter of us and also in the Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

This is the 3rd car from his family that have chosen B'Shine Grooming to be their Detailer and also the Beeds HD Ceramic Coating as the preferred Paint Protection System for their cars.

We will like to extend our deepest appreciation and thanks to his support and look forward to be of service for you for long lasting relationship.

Paint work Corrected and Detailed by B'Shine Grooming.

Coated with Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.








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KK is a customer-turn-friend that has supported and helped us along our way thru his support also strong referrals.

One of his buddies even drove down from KL after collecthing his brand new Mercedes-Benz CLA45 after collect it to have it done with us.


The Best Salesman/Marketer is a Satisfied Customer. 

Very much appreciated and thankful!!! 

When KK bought this BMW M3 and had it resprayed to its stock Frozen Grey, he wanted us to protect it using Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

The Paintwork is given a full and thorough cleansing before 2 coats of Beeds HD is applied and allowed to cure.

Frozen/Matt paint can be difficult to maintain as it can no longer be corrected or polished should it receive any damage but with Beeds HD working 24/7 around the clock to protect your paintwork. 

You know it will look this good for a long time to come and protect your investment.






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Sometimes you know you have the good vibes and connection with someone even before meeting them.

Kenny is one such customer turned friend.
Having collected his Harrier, he contact us and shared with us in depth abt the "Project" that he was embarking on.

A Original WALD Black Bison kit was to be made to order and freight in from Germany. A Long tedious wait of close to 3 months as he waited for its arrival.

As he was going on a trip prior to its arrival, he sent in his car to have it resprayed to its current Frozen Satin White. The Paintwork was allowed to cure and complete the gassing out process for a month, which he took extra care not to damage the paintwork. For Frozen finishes, its can be really hard to take care of as correction works cannot be carried out like what we can do for gloss finishes.

The paintwork is cleanse thoroughly before 2 layers of Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment is coated upon.

With the arrival of the WALD kit, the car is finally "complete" in its exterior looks and the Kit is then fully coated again.

We are proud and honored to have gone thru this whole journey together with Kenny and we can feel the efforts, thoughts, planning and money that have gone into making this Harrier indeed, one of a kind in SG.







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Hello Everyone!


Its been a while since we have last updated in our threads.


As the year draw to a end, usually Car Grooming/Detailing Centres are getting busier as their regulars and also new customers starts making prior appointments to groom their car for the festive season.


Do make a mental note to contact your preferred Grooming/Detailing Centre to make a early appointment to avoid disappointment when the date draws nearer.


As a good detailing job is time consuming and laborious to ensure a good job, any reputable and responsible business will not try to take in more cars they can manage.


We are also excited to announce that slots for our Pre Chinese New Year Grooming are now officially open for everyone.


We will be taking cars from the 4th of Jan to the 3rd of Feb. Do enquire with us for slots.


4th to 6th of Feb is reserved for Car Spa / Wash and Wax Sessions for our existing customers and members only. No Polishing/Paint Correction Service will be available during these dates so that we will be able to serve more people during this time, ensuring everyone have a Bright, Shiny and Clean Cars to welcome Chinese New Year.


Friends and Existing Customers that have already confirm your appointments from our reminders via SMS and Whatsapp, We look forward to seeing you!

Those that have yet to confirm a date, we urge you to please do so soon.


To maintain our service level and workmanship, we will be limiting our popular Paint Protection Services to a Maximum of only 2 cars a day.

Thus we apologise that Slots will be limited.


For enquiries and bookings, Do contact us directly @

9146 5566 Bryan

9879 2202 David

as we will be slow to response via PMs and Emails.

If we are unable to take your call, do drop us a SMS or Whatsapp and we promise to get back to you soonest we can!


B'Shine Grooming will like to take this chance to wish everyone a joyous festive season ahead!


May you be blessed with Good Health, Wealth and Happiness in the last month of 2015 and in the coming 2016!


We look forward to be of excellent service to you!

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Richard was a referral from one of our customer and he requested for a mobile service for his Maserati MC Stradale initially.

Although we haven't done mobile service for a while but after some correspondence with him, we agreed to try it out again, for old times sake.

Upon initial inspection of the paintwork, we knew it was gonna be a challenge.


The paintwork condtion had a lot of work and the condition of the location was another challenge as well.

Half way thru the job, we suggested that we should head back to our workshop as we are really not satisfied with the result and explain ourselves to him.

Proper communications between customer and us is important so we understand each other and arrive at a win win solution.

Richard was nice enough to compromise as our common goal was to be able to do a good job, One that he will be happy with and one that we can be proud of as well.

Paintwork Corrected and Detailed by B'Shine Grooming.
Coated with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.










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Jiahong is yet another returning customer with us from our very start.

He had his VW Scirocco done up with CQuartz Finest more than 2 years ago after we befriended him at a EMMA compeition that we provided our On site Detailing service for.

He had recently collected his New Renault Clio, and his love for hot hatches continues.

He immediately made an appt to come in for the New Car Enhancement Detail and chose BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment this time around.

After a 2 step Refining Polish to bring out Maximum Gloss and Clarity from the Paintwork. 

We Lock in the Shine and Gloss with 2 Coats of BEEDS HD.
Fuss Free Maintenance and Protection for 2 years and more!








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Its always nice seeing another fellow ACSian and also a old friend dropping by for our services.

Catching up on old friendship and seeing how everyone have grown and started their own career and reminiscing the good old days together. 

The one thing abt the Audi TT was the rather feminine look, which didnt really grow on me that much.

However, We are Loving the new masculine look of the TT, taking design cues from the R8.

Paintwork Corrected, Detailed and Refined by B'Shine Grooming.

Coated with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

Protection, Gloss and Fuss Free Maintenece due to the high hydrophobic effect of this coating for 2 yrs and more!






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This is the 2nd time we have the honor and privilege to lay our hands on this beautiful and classic exotic.

Check out the previous sessions photo here.

The difference this time is we are given a lot more time and also freedom to go crazy this time round.

It's always different and daunting working on Classic Exotics like this, as very often, these cars are kept for romantic and sentimental reasons and they are very close to the owner's heart.

I will like to thank Winston in giving us his full support and trust to complete our B'Shine Signature Detail for his Baby.

When they entrust their babies to you for almost 2 weeks. There is no exucse to not do more than your 100% anymore and you really want they to go "Wow" when they collect their cars.

Going thru B'Shine's Signature Detail,
Where the slightest Details makes the difference.

After more than 100 man hours of Restoration and Detailing works.

The Paintwork is sealed and coated with 2 layers of BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment to lock in the Shine and Protect the Paintwork.














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A almost daily driven Ferrari 458 Italia in for our B'Shine Signature Detail.

A service that includes complete works of both Interior and Exterior.

Where we do everything we can and knomw in terms of Products, Tools and Skills available in our arsenal to detail the car.

After a 2 step Paint Correction followed by 2 Steps of Finishing Polish.

We coated the Paintwork with 2 Layers of BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

Locking in the Wet Gloss and Protecting it for 2 years and more.

Rims, Engine Bay, Glass and also Interior Door sills were also detailed and coated as well.

Deep Fabric and Leather Cleansing is carried out with Steam Cleaning for the Interior. 

SONAX Premium Class Leather Care was chosen for the rich and delicate leather found in the car.

We did up a simple video with our limited video editing skills that we have with the link below!

The Video also highlights the Before and After effect of the service.

Do take some time off and view it in HD and we appreciated any comments or feedback on the video edits!

Otherwise do enjoy a little photoshoot 











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Jaye's Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
Bicolore Serie Speciale.

In for B'Shine's Siganature Detail Service.

Paintwork went thru a 2 Step Correction and a Final Finishing Polish.

Coated with 2 Layers of BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

Engine Bay Sent thru a Full Steam Cleaning Detail with SONAX Dressing.

Rims and Brake Calipers Detailed and coated with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

Premium Interior Service plus Steam Cleaning.

Deep Leather Cleansing and nourished with Swissvax Leather Milk.

A full In and Out service.

Enquire with us today to have the same treatment done for your car.

Minimum downtime is 3 working days and depending on slots available.










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Thanks to our friends over at Exquisite Marques that send in this Beautiful Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano for our B'Shine Signature Detail Service.

Timeline : 3 Days 
Mission: Make it Shine 

A new coat of Blu America Paint Job was done up and we had all been patiently for 3 weeks for the Lacquer/Clear Coat to complete its gassing out and curing process before we start on any paint correction and coating works.

It was already a fantastic paintjob but We hope we manage to bring it up a few notches by refining it further. 

We did a spot wetsanding on some minor blemishes and a 1 Step correction to clear up the Swirls and a 2 Step Finishing Polish to bring the Depth and Clarity of the Paint to a Deep Deep Blue. 

2 Coats of BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment is then coated on to enhance and locking in the Gloss and Shine, protecting the paintwork from the elemtents for 2 yrs and more. 

Strutting her stuff on the Cat Walk with her Purwheels PUR RS05 heels. 

Housing its Brembo Carbon Ceramic Brake kit within. 

This baby will definately Stop as well as it Goes. 

The Interior is decked out with Carbon Kelvar panels bring for the ultimate pursuit of Light weight and strength, and also because its so nice and shiny! 

We just cant bear to let her go...













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Owner made a appointment 3 weeks prior over the phone after a referal from one of our regular customer.

We spoke briefly over the phone and got some background information from her.

Conversation went like this...

Car Make : Porsche Carrera 
(First Alarm Bell going off, our experience with soft Porsche paint had been challenging. Perhaps its will not be a Piano Black one) 

Colour : Black
(Alarm Bell rings again, Murphy visiting!)

History : Haven't been groomed for 5 years

Car Washing : Once a month at Petrol Kiosk

Note to self, not to take in any other cars on said appointment day...

We started bright and early when I collected the car from her home at 9 am.

After inspecting the paintwork over at the dim carpark lot, it already doesn't look positive.

More communications with the customer on the expectation and also the timeline.

Time line : Same day collection.

"Just do what you can", She passes me her key.

Let me tell the rest of the story with a video we made

Watch in HD settings for the best effect.

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Laks happened to chance on Bryan's car.

He googled the decal that we found on the car and contacted us and wanted us to groom up his car as well!

People who knows us probably knows that Bryan is pretty ashamed of his own car as its in a pretty bad shape most of the time. Its almost like a test car with test panels.  With the car split down the middle and only one side of the car groomed up and coated. So we are pretty shocked and had a good laugh that we actually got business from that.

For this Stunning Macan GTS, its front bumper and bonnet was wrapped with a PPF (Paint Protection Film) and with intricate vinyl designs to make a stunning car stands out even more.

There are many different kinds and grades of PPF in the market and we probably discuss those deeply in furture.

Customers have ask abt it's Pros and Cons and also effectiveness with us.

A good PPF will probably be the only product in the market that will honestly help with stonechips on the front end of your car and its really effective.

We have compared cars after going on a road trip up north on the NSHW and coming back for a Car Spa session with us immediately. The difference is appalling.

Any PPS Nano Coating system that boast otherwise, probably wont live up to its name despite being advertised or marketed as so.

PPF will help to prevent with deeper scratches compared to a PPS as its way thicker and the material is created to absorb and prevent damage. 

As long as the damage does not penetrate the film onto the paintwork. However, unless the film is being replace, the scratch can still be seen on the car leaving some wrapped cars with swirls and random scratches all over.

There is also no way to do Paint Correction on a installed but only a surface clean up service can be done.

For the more discerning owner with a keen eye, you will notice the difference in gloss and also the way light is being reflected on the wrapped and unwrapped panels creating a slight 2 tone effect and more obvious as the film begins to age.

One solution is actually to have the full car wrapped but the cost involve may put some people off.

A good wrapped job involves using Good and Reputable Films which are really costly to begin with,.

You will also need a good installer with the skills and experience to go down into the details and doing a good job around the corners. Any mistake made will require the full panel to be rewrapped and using more of the films. Most installers have to factor that cost in to cover for a few rewraps here and there.

Akin to Car Detailing, Prices for a PPF instalation can range pretty widely.
At the lower end of the market, you can probably do a full wrap for below $1500.

However at the upper spectrum of the market, expect to pay more than $6000.

Its probably advisable to change ur films every 2 to 3 yrs as it starts to age and may yellow in appearance over time. This is also advisable so to minimise but not fully negate the risk of the clearcoat coming off during film removal process.

I hope we shed some information on PPF today and perhaps help you to make a more informed choice if you were considering it already.

Paint Work Corrected and Refined by B’Shine Grooming.

Interior treated with Deluxe Interior Service.

Coated with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

A leading PPS Ceramic Treatment that provides good hydrophobic characteristic, Protection and Gloss.
Fuss Free Maintenance, Gloss and Protection for 24 months (warranty) and more.








Contact us today for a no obligations chit chat to see what we can do for you!

Bryan 9146 5566
David 9879 2202

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Whats is more amazing than having the privilege to detail the Iconic Ferrari Testarossa?

It's the honor to detail 2 Ferrari Testarossa of course!


After a appointment was made for a new customer with a Testarossa coming in for our B'Shine Signature Detail was made, Winston was nice enough to pop by with his very own Testarossa who was previously detailed by us for a Car Spa service that was soon to be due.

Just so we could have the chance to take this amazing photoshoot @ B'Shine Grooming. Thanks for Winston for the support!

We hardly even get to see them on our roads anymore and its amazing to have 2 of these iconic beauties in our workshop together on the same day!

A big shoutout again to our friends at Exquisite Marques to entrust their cars to us again.

Paintwork Corrected and Detailed by B'Shine Grooming

Coated with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment!











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One of the perks of being a Car detailer to Car nuts like ourselves is that we have the opportunity to come up close and personal with some very special cars that we probably wouldnt have the chance to if we are not in this industry.

We have a rather special guest in our humble detailing setup recently.

A Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe Black Series.

Most of us will be familiar with the AMG Branch of Mercedes-Benz that soups up their regular Mercedes-Benz models into some might say,
"Road Legal Race Cars".

Combining Luxury and Speed into a Man's Dream Machine.

The Black Series Line take things a few notch higher and making it even more insnae... but in a good way.

If the standard C63 wasnt quick enough for you at 451 HP and 443 lb-ft of Torque.

The Black Series's Growling V8 now pushes out 510 HP and 457 lb-ft.

0-100km/hr at 3.9 sec and does the Quarter mile in 12 sec Flat!

The front bumper looks more aggressive with Intake Mesh with the front splitter comes to a sharp point at the middle of the nose.

Flared fenders widen the car by 2.2 inches up front and 3.3 out back giving it the awesome widebody look.

Its also describe as a "Affordable" Black Series compared to the the rest of the others Black Series range, CLK63BS, SLK55BS and SL65BS.

However, it actually isnt "Affordable" for majority of us as the price tag can probably buy you some nice cars in the Supercar league already.

However, like all Black Series cars, they are produced in limited numbers and the exclusiveness also means that only true purist that appreciates it will ever even think about purchasing it and driving it.

We had 3 days to work on the car and it was grew  on us and we couldn't bear to let it go eventually. Many of our customers that dropped by during that 3 days was in awe of it and complimenting this "Mercedes C Class" looks nice with a nice body kit. Little did they know it not just how it looks, the difference was in how it drove.

Paintwork Corrected and Refined by B'Shine Grooming.

Coated with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

Interior is treated with our Deluxe Interior Service.

Enjoy the photos.

Welcome to the Black Side










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Kai Lun's Mercedes-Benz C200 Cabriolet on BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

Paint Work Corrected and Refined by B’Shine Grooming.
Interior treated with Deluxe Interior Service.

Coated with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

A leading PPS Ceramic Treatment that provides good hydrophobic characteristic, Protection and Gloss.

Fuss Free Maintenance, Gloss and Protection for 24 months (warranty) and more.







Contact us today for a no obligations chit chat to see what we can do for you!
Bryan 9146 5566
David 9879 2202

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Ben's Alpina B3 on BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

This is the 3rd car Ben has entrusted with us over the years and has also introduce countless colleagues to us.

We are extremely grateful for his trust and support over the years.

When I got a text from him to expect a car coming in and to reserve a slot but he was not telling me the make and model. I knew I will be expecting something special.

Come appointment day, a black BMW 3 Series roll up to our unit with a low rumble and I initially thought it was a BMW M3.

In fact its a really rare Alpina B3 Biturbo this time round.

I am glad with the support of many of our successful customers, we are often spoiled with rare and special makes of cars for us to molest which makes our work so much more interesting.

Alpina is a company base in Buchloe, Germany.

They develops and produces high end BMW cars and works closely with BMW with their processes are integrated into BMW's production lines, thus Alpina is even recognized by the German Ministry of Transport as an automobile manufacturer instead of being a regular aftermarket tuning company.

Alpina-built cars are branded and registered as Alpina instead of BMW, although an Alpina can be bought and serviced at selected BMW dealerships, and covered under BMW if there is a warranty issue.

Their engine are usually assembled by hand in Buchloe before shipping over the BMW manufacturing plant for installation and the cars are shipped back to Alpina for the final finishing touches.

Distinctive features of Alpina vehicles are 20 spoke alloy wheels to the expensive interior materials used to fabricate the exclusive interior fixtures to give it the Alpina touch.

Compared to BMW M, Alpina emphasis on luxury, higher torque and automatic transmission.

Their Supercharged and Turbocharged engines delivers higher torques at lower RPMs eliminating the dreaded turbo lag.

The car was left overnight with us and Ben gave us all the time we needed to do our stuff.

Paint Work Corrected and Refined by B’Shine.

Interior treated with Deluxe Interior Service.

Coated with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

A leading PPS Ceramic Treatment that provides good hydrophobic characteristic, Protection and Gloss.

Fuss Free Maintenance, Gloss and Protection for 24 months (warranty) and more.

Contact us today for a no obligations chit chat to see what we can do for you!

Bryan 9146 5566
David 9879 2202








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David had his Macan S detailed by us not long ago.

Having gotten a new BMW 428 for his wife, he made a appointment with us to have the new car detailed, coated and protected with SONAX Nano Paint Protect from the very first day as well.
German Technology on German Technology.

Again, we will like to extend our gratitude to all our customers and friends for their support over our small and new start up.

Its been a amazing 2 years and counting.

We endeavor to continue to be of excellent service!






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It was a quiet PH afternoon at Tradehub21.

All businesses was closed around us and I had only came back to hand over a car to a customer  gets the car for the weekend.

Sometimes its nice to be back on Sundays and PH to enjoy the quiet moment in our humble workshop. Without the constant buzzing of the Rotary, DA Machines and Vacuum in my head all day.

After removing the car cover, I did a routine check and final touch up on the car while waiting for him.

He did mention that he was bringing friends in the whatsapp msg but I didn't read them.

Bellowing from afar, As I heard a really unique and loud and low rumbling a car approaching, Something myself and David likes to joke abt when were are around.


I was curiously anticipating, and as it pulls up near to our unit, I seriously had a #jizzmypants moment as it was the stunning Koenigsegg Agera S!

The one and only 1 in SG!

My jaw dropped literally,
Like a teenage boy meeting his pin up girl in real life?
Like a Man U fan coming face to face with Eric Cantona?
Like a Atheist coming face to face to God perhaps...

This car probably needs no introduction to most of the car geeks out there.
For the benefits of the non car geeks,

Once the fastest and most expensive car in our sunny island.

Its only recently eclipsed only by yet another Koenigsegg Agera RS.

Was asked if I could do a quick detail for the car as owner was in quite a rush as well.

Well of course!

I was given 1 hr as they went for lunch and coffee downstairs and I got to spend some quiet and personal time with this blue Swedish lady.

We got upclose and personal and I was admiring and complimenting her on the craftsmanship, build quality and the use of dry carbon fibre all over the car while I gently caresses her body after I spray my generous thick foam all over her. 

(sorry for the adult rated description)

Tried my best to prevent my saliva from drooling in the interior as I still couldn't close my jaw.

Like always, good times fly by so quickly and soon she had to be picked up and drove away.

Will be missing her and awaiting our next rendevous together.




















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