Beeds Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment.

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Introducing the New Flagship Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment from Beeds.

Beeds Premium Ceramic Treatment



Beeds HD is made of nano molecule so small, it fills up the pores of your car’s paintwork and crystallize within. Creating a durable invisible layer that is not only durable to the weather elements, it serves as a sacrificial protective glass-like membrane on your car’s paintwork that enhances the gloss effect.

Ceramic Paint treatment is the leading paint protection system, using nano composite ceramic molecule. This paint protection system provide enhanced levels of anti-graffiti, high water repellency, corrosion, oxidation and anti-scratch properties with its Industry leading 9H rated(pencil) hardness.

Beeds Ceramic Paint Treatment works 24/7 because with one of the most important properties as anti-fouling and anti-dust, harmful chemicals, dirt, tar from the road or the environment will not stick and damage the paintwork of your car. Regular car wash with shampoo will rejuvenate your beloved ride to showroom shine effortlessly.

B'Shine is honored to be one of the authorized Detailer for this amazing product since 2014.

Check out our Facebook page for updated works, promos and do give us a "Like" you like what you see.

Instagram :

SGCarmart Listing and Reviews

Block 18, Boon Lay Way
#04-145 S609966
(Near to Jurong East MRT)

Monday to Saturday
9am to 7pm.
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

For Enquries, please SMS / Whatsapp
Bryan 9146 5566
David 9879 2202
We will get back to you the soonest we can!

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**We apologise for the missing photos due to Photobucket Account issues**
Ben had just picked up this Pre Loved Q5 from Premium Auto less than 3 weeks back.
He had drop by to enquire about different Products that will be suitable to his needs, requirements and lifestyle.
First off, Ben is a busy busy man. Although He loves his car looking Clean and Glossy, he can hardly take time off to groom his ride.
He told me he needed something that enhances gloss and minimum maintenence and offers protection as his office is in the industrial area. 
Going through our products like Nano waxes, Polymer sealants, SONAX Nano Coatings and also Ceramic Coatings, the Pros and Cons and also their characteristic.
He decided to coat the paintwork with Beeds HD. 






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"C" is a returning customer for the 3rd time.

Having done 2 other cars from "C", She returns with this Beauty and told us to have fun with it and go Crazy.

This was left in our care for 4 days.

Day 1.
Start prepping the paintwork for works.

We got down to a thorough ClayBar job to make sure the Paintwork is free of any contaminants even in the tightest corners. Gently using 3M Professional Blue Claybar and SONAX Lubricants. 

Rims Detailing was done as well with SONAX Rim Cleaner, making sure the rims are brake dust free as it will soon be coated with CQuartz Finest Ceramic Coating as well.

We only did a 2 step Paint Correction as the Paintwork was generally in pretty good shape less some fine scratches here and there.

It was the finishing Polishing that took up much of the time as we wanted to extract as much Gloss and Depth out of the Paintwork as possible.

Soon it was to roll down the shutters and call it a night.

Day 2
We then proceed to do a Full Interior Detailing.

Deep Leather Cleansing and Condtioning of the Cream leather. The leather is of the highest quality We have come across. Really soft and cushy! That makes it really Fragile as well and we had to gently massage the stains to prevent damage. 

Cabin was steam cleaned and Canvas roof was treated with SONAX Fabric Coating.

This process believe it or not took up pretty much 3/4 of the day with us working on another car as well.

Day 3
After prepping the Paintwork once again with SONAX Paint Prepare, This is an important step to remove all traces of oil, wax or any residue polish from the paintwork to make sure the coating has a clean surface to bond to.

3 Layers of CQuartz Finest was layered on and we watch as the colour and glow intensified along the way. 

Day 4
Collection Day, The smile on "C" face made it all worthwhile.







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**We apologise for the missing photos due to Photobucket Account issues**
Wilson called during my ICT and guess what, he was serving his ICT as well.
He told me he had recently resprayed his car but the bodyshop had left a lot of swirls and holograms all over the paintwork.
He wanted to enquire if we could help to remove those and as this is quite common from bodyshops, especially on Black Paint.
We then arrange to have the car dropped off the next day.
Wilson decided to go for a Full Paint Correction and Detailing works and have the restored paintwork protected with BEED HD Premium Ceramic Coating.

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Hello Everyone,

Its been a while since we have last posted as we were quite tied up clearing a backlog of cars because of my High Key ICT.

Will be posting some of the interesting projects that we have done.

First up, something quite different. A JDM Legend.

A Candy Yellow Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX.

Joe at J's Garage is a regular Trackie at Sepang International Circuit.
He had always been a fan of the matt look or Racing Vinyls Designs.
In fact from the years that I know him, his car probably had change colors n designs for 7 times at least.

When he approached me to have the car respray to a Glossy Candy Yellow.
I must say I was pretty surprised.

I got our Paint Partner onboard and discussed the themed and styling. Once confirmed, the paint job itself took 10 days or so to complete.

We waited another 3 more weeks or so to let the fresh paint fully cure and complete the "gassing" out process and it was send back to us again.

We did a 2 step Finishing Polish to jewel the paint work to it's maximum shine before coating the paint with 2 layers of Cquartz Finest Ceramic Coat.

The end result is pretty amazing.






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Prakash had recently collected his Black Boxster S from Stuttgart and dropped by for us to access the paintwork and also discussed how further we could help protect and maintain his car.

Upon first inspection, we found the paintwork dull and the reflection lacking depth and sharpness. 

On closer inspection, we suspect the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) for this particular car was not up to mark and the poor workmanship is inhibiting the potential of the paintwork to shine through.

We decided to go with a  2 Step Correction was carriend out late into the night followed by a final Finishing Polish to extract as much gloss and clarity before sealing up the finished paintwork with BEEDS HD Premium Ceramic Treatment and left to cure overnight behind our shutters.

When we arrive the following morning to touch up on the finer details and having the morning sun shining into our shop. The Boxster was simply glowing in its own light.

Prakash came shortly after and like the effect so much that he dropped of his daily driven vehicle, Q5 to be groomed by us as well.

Do enjoy the little photoshoot.

Paintwork looks dull and marred.






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Hello Everyone, We are excited an honored to be given a chance to groom a Beauty from the Land of the Rising Sun recently.

James from MAXIMUS Racing has dropped by and left his beloved and souped up GTR for some Car Detailing Goodness.

Nothing was spared and only the very best was given to this machine from James and that's how we will approach this opportunity as well.

James left the car in our car for 2 days and we got down to work.

After a good wash and clay, We proceed to inspect the paintwork and found it to be in relatively good conidtion despite the drive up north and track days it has been thru. Some Minor Swirls, random scratches and machine swirls to take care of.

The first step of Correction was using SONAX Perfect Finish with a SONAX Orange pad to correct and bring the Paintwork to a shine.


Following that we step down to using a SONAX Finish Polish and a Black Finishing Pad to jewel maximum gloss from the Paintwork.


Even the License Plate is not spared from our polishing efforts. :yahoo


Once we were Satisfied with the result, we proceeded to prep the paintwork for Beeds HD Ceramic Paint Treament.


This is a important step to ensure any residue polish compound/wax/sealant that is still lingering on the paint are removed thoroughly so ensuring the coating has a clean paintwork to bond to for maximum longevity.


2 layers of Beeds HD is then hand applied to every inch of the paintwork.

The coating is left to cured overnight behind our shutters and ready for pick up the following morning after our final inspection.

We will like to take this chance to thank James for the trust and support. :thumbsup

Some photos for everyone to enjoy.






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Mrs Ng XJL.

This is indeed a really beautiful Big Cat.
The length, size and elegant styling really portray a luxurious feel and the interior is wonderful with modern technology gadgets couplked with a vintage feel.

Having receive the car and understand the owner's requirements.

We recommend a Full Correction and Finishing Service and to finish off with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield Paint Protection System.

Many people will say that Silver will be the easiest to maintain which we agree.
But a well detailed Silver will really stand out from the crowd and getting gloss and clarity out of Silver is a challenging task.










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Finally to end off today's entry will be a Full detailing of a Wild Cat.

Mr Lim's Jaguar XF.

Mr Lim had only collected this beauty 3 months ago and he mention that somehow the Paintwork had deteriorated quickly over the months and he was not sure why.

He dropped by for a non obligatory assessment.


The paintwork was marred with swirls and holograms, we do not wish to point fingers but this is probably because of a rush Pre Delivery Inspection job done and with a Coarse Rotary and compound with a lot of Fillers that covers up the flaws but over time reveals itself.

We then proceed to go with a full day 2 step Correction and Finessing Polish to improve the Depth, Tone and Clarity.

This Wild Cat paintwork is not easy to tame I must say. We had to experiment with a few different machine, pads and product to finally achieve the result that we feel it was capable of.

We then applied Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment to the finished paintwork to protect and lock in the gloss and shine!

When Mr Lim collected his car the next day, the smile and satisfied look on his face makes its all worthwhile. :yahoo:yahoo

Do enjoy the photos.





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Mr Huang dropped of his Audi A6 and after discussion and recommendation.

Decided to go with our Beeds Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment, the Beeds HD and enjoyed the free promo service of
- Rims Coating
- Deluxe Interior
- 1 x Free Maintenece Spa Session

His car was given a good wash and claybar service and the rims thorougly cleaned out to prepare for coating.

The Paintwork was given a 2 step finishing polish to extract every little bit of gloss from it.

Once completed, we clean the paintwork with SONAX Paint Prepare to remove any traces of polish residue/wax/sealant for a clean surface for the Beeds HD to bond to, ensuring the product perform to its fullest potential.

2 coats of Beeds HD was coated on the Paintwork and Rims and cured with our IR Lamps.

Final check was done and handed the car back to Mr Huang in the evening.











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Always nice meeting a fellow ACSian again and also like to take this chance to thank all Old Boys for their support and trust in our service, products and workmanship.

Garret drop off his 1 yr old is250 which was slightly neglected and had some paint defects. Nothing serious that we could not handle.

Due to his busy work commitment, he really cant spare the time to groom and wash his car regularly at wanted something to help protect his paintwork and also to have a presentable state inbetween washes.

He decide to take up our Beeds Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment, the Beeds HD.








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We had a very rare and absolute gem that grace our place that day.
A one and only Porsche 964 Carrera RS in its Original Ruby Red which was the distinct colour that was marketed when it was launch back in 1992.

Only 15 RHD of this model were ever produced in the world and we are lucky that we have 1 roaming around in our sunny island.

This has become a serious collectors item with the most recent auction in UK for 100,000 Pounds, Which can get u many newer Supercars there at that price. 

But she is not a Garage Queen at all, in fact not only that its a daily driven car, it enjoys road trips up north for some serious B Road driving.
I applaud owner's effort to self maintain his cars all these 22 years and you can see the love and effort showered upon it.

Running on a 3.6L NA Flat 6, Rear engine placement to keep CG to absolute lowest. The Engine is one of the last Air Cooled one as car makers quest for more power brings in the technology of water and inter coolers.

The interior is superbly well kept in its original state with the seats recently freight back to Scotland to have it rewrapped in the 3 tone accented Purple Hide. The Styling both interior and exterior is way ahead if its time and stoodfast to changing taste and remains one of the most iconic 911s in history.

Aluminium Bonnet and also Magnesium Rims were signs of its racing pedigree back then and its showcase the journey of automotive technology we have come till now.

Corrected and Finished by B'Shine Grooming.

Coated with Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Coating.

We are honor to be able to service this wonderful Classic.












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B'Shine Grooming will like to wish everyone a joyous Happy New Year!

May Health, Wealth and Happiness be in bountiful blessings for everyone in 2015!


We are also excited to announce that slots for our Pre Chinese New Year Grooming are now officially open for everyone.


Friends and Regulars that have already confirm your appointments from our prior communications, We look forward to seeing you soon!

Those that have not confirm a date, we urge you to please do so asap.


To maintain our service level and workmanship, we will be limiting our Paint Protection Services to a Maximum of only 2 cars a day.

Thus Slots are will be limited.


We will be operating all the way till the 18th of Feb 1500hrs.

We are also reserving 16, 17, 18 Feb to be doing only Car Spa / Wash and Wax Sessions for our customers only. No Polishing/Paint Correction Service will be available during these dates so that we will be able to serve more people during this time, ensuring everyone have a Bright, Shiny and Clean Cars to welcome Chinese New Year.


Do contact us directly @

9146 5566 Bryan

9879 2202 David

for inquires and bookings as we will be slow to response via PMs and Emails.


We look forward to be of excellent service to you!

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Anthony is referral from a customer turn friend, Zen.

They are neighbors at work and usually packed their cars nearby each other.

As their workplace is located in the industrial area at Sungei Kadut. Anthony notices that Zen's Car seems always in a good condition compared to his own.

As Anthony had bought a brand new Harrier, He decided to protect the paintwork from Day 1 upon collecting the car.

The Latest Harrier is indeed a handsome looking boy.
Sharp Angles and Smooth curves at the correct places. Its a vast improvement in the overall styling in my personal opinion.

The paintwork was also in very good shape less some holograms at the harder to reach area.

We did a simple 1 step finishing polish to extract whatever available gloss from the paintwork and also to strip the wax/sealant that was applied by the dealership.

Paint cleasning using SONAX Paint Prepare and Coated the Paint with 2 Layers of Beeds Premium Ceramic Treatment, the Beeds HD.

Adding Clarity, Gloss and more refined Reflection and protecting the paintwork from the elements for up to 24months long.






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We have another newly collected car that had come in for some finessing and to seal in that Show Room Shine and protect the paintwork with SONAX Nano Paint Protect and Polymer Netshield from the very onstart.

Brilliant BMW 420 GranCoupe on M Sports Package in Estoril Blue.

Refined and Finished by B'Shine Grooming.

Coated with Beed HD - Beeds Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment

High Gloss, Clarity, Depth in Colour and Protection from Elements.

Makes for Fuss Free Maintenence and Show Room Shine Always.

Mirror Like Finish that's sure to turn heads on the road.







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As we head now full swing into the Pre CNY period.

I will first like to thank the Support from SGMerc members that had already booked appointments with us for their cars.

We will ensure to carry out the full service and make sure no shortcuts are taken despite this peak season.

We have thus limited our slots to a maximum of 2 Paint Protection Services / Intensive Paint Correction in a day and thus slots are limited.

There is currently 8 more slots 2 weeks before CNY.
2nd to the 8th of Feb.

There is currently 4 more slots 1 week before CNY.
9th Feb to 15 Feb.

The week leading to CNY has been fully booked,

Do enquire with us directly @ 
Bryan 9146 5566
David 9879 2202

as we will be slow to response to PM, Emails, FB enquiry.

If we are unable to pick up your calls. Do leave us a sms and we will get back to you soonest.

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Good Afternoon SGMerc  Members,

Its been a long while since we have updated our threads here.

We have not gone missing nor have we been resting on our laurels.

Instead, we have been been upgrading our services and also coming up with even more dedicated and premium services for our trusted customers.

We will like to take this chance to show case some of our recent works as well.

LK's 1M.

LK BMW 1M has been worked on by us before but as he goes for frequent B road drives, his front portion of the car was wrapped up with a clear stone guard film.

Over the years, the adhesive of the film started to turn yellow and he wanted to have it rewrapped.

Having removed the old film, he made a appt with us to have the full car detailed again and recoated 2 full layers of Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.







And he is back a few days after to coat the Beeds HD Ceramic Coating on top of the newly rewrapped film.

Thats the confidence and trust he has in the product.


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We have a Mazda 3 in for our Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.

I must say that the styling of the new Mazda series is really sleek and a vast improvement over the previous generation.

Something else that I really like the Soul Red Paintjob that is very similar to a Candy Red colour.

With a Single Stage Paint Correction and another Finishing Polish.

The Colour really "pop".

After the Beeds Coating cured, the end result is really satisfying.








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Ros' dropped off her Mercedes-Benz S350 for a Intensive Paint Correction Service.
The car has been pretty neglected for the past 4 years and the paintwork was in a pretty bad shape
Check out the Video Version Below








We took the chance to do a 50/50 comparison on the bonnet.
This was taken after the 3rd step of the Paint Correction process with a 1 remaining Finishing Polish to go.

Ros chose to have the Finished Paintwork coated with Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.


Check out the Video Version Below
Finished Product



















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Steven has been a long time friend and supportive customer since we set up.

Having groomed his Honda Fit, to a Ford Mondeo and now a brand new latest Ford Mondeo with us.

We will like to extend our thanks a appreciation for his trust and support.

Having only collected this car a month ago, he has been wanting to do up a Paint Protection System but had some hiccups that needed the dealership to sort out first.

The new Mondeo has much improved aesthetics with the front end looking with a hint of Aston Martin designs. 

The interior is also very well done up with a real luxurious feel to it. 

We went thru our New Car Treatment followed by coating the Paintwork with
Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment to protect the paintwork for 2 years.

Steven took up our Enhanced Maintenece Package which also includes Regular Car Spa Sessions and a 2 years warranty.








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Cheryl had her newly collect X5 coated with Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment with us 8 months ago.


She came back for a Car Spa Session and we just want to show how effective and durable Beeds HD can be.



The excellent hydrophobic effect repels water, dirt, tar, chemical, brake dust etc.


Which is what our cars are constantly being exposed to 24/7.


A Paint Protection System will not only protect your original paintwork and keep it in the best condition.

It will also make maintenance of the car much easier.

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Mr Yong had sent in the car for us to take a look at the condition and ask if there is anything we could do to make it better.

Besides some Light Swirls and Water etching, the Paintwork was in a pretty good shape.

We suggested to do a Light Correction and a 2 Step Finishing Polish to really bring out the Gloss, Clarity and Depth of the Black paintwork.

Mr Yong chose Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment to seal and lock in the gloss and shine.

At the same time protecting the Paintwork 24/7 for the next 24 months.

He took up our Enhanced PPS Maintenece Programme that comes with a 2 years warranty that is designed to keep the car in the most pristine condition inside and out.









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The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, also known as the Lancer Evo, Lan Evo, or just Evo, is a high performance sports car manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors that is based on the normal Lancer. 

My personal Favorite amount the 10 Evos, the Iconic Evo IX, offered in SG market around 2007 and 2008.

A decade later, a familiar disaster strikes as COE rises thru the roof causing many of the Evos to be scrapped due the its high OMV value and the high paper lost just by renewing the COE.

Here we have a passionate owner that took the plunge and kept this JDM Legend alive on our SG roads.

The car was given a full respray and after a month. Sent back to us for a full correction and protection as its gonna be around for another decade!

Protected with Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment.






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Wenjie has been a long time friend and supporter of our services from the very first day.

Having sent in a Subaru STI, Honda Jazz, Volvo S60 and now his Audi A3.

We will like to take this chance to thank him for all his support all this while.

WJ has chosen Beeds HD Premium Ceramic Treatment for his Audi A3.








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