SONAX Nano Paint Protect. 12 Months Paint Protection System

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Big Shoutout to our good friends at Exquisite Marques sending this beautiful Ferrari 599 GTB for our detailing services.

"Do your stuff and make it nicer than it should"

Working late and going thru a 2 Step Correction and Finishing Polish.
I am glad we improved this Azure Blue 599 pain tjob to one which is deeper and with much better clarity.

We are glad that this Prancing horse is not a usual Garage Queen and the horses packed in the engine bay are able to stretch its legs to the North.

Evident from its Battle scars on the front of the car and wearing it with pride.











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Big shoutout to our friends at Exquisite Marques sending us this one of a kind 370Z Fairlady.

Spend 2 good nights with her and we didn't bare to let her go.
Bryan always have a soft spot for JDM styled cars.

The Car was down for close to 3 months to have the full car kitted with Full Amuse Vestito Kit and respray including the engine bay.

When we got done to working on the paint to eradicate any slight imperfections and extracting every bit of gloss and clarity to its fullest potential, we cant help but appreciate a spray paint job done well.

Clear coat was hard as @$^&**$%#@ and really took some effort to correct. But once done, the deep colour and clarity came through so beautifully and we fell in love.

Let us now go emo for a bit and hope to see this beautiful Fairlady soon again.









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William's BMW 5series coming in for our SONAX Nano Paint Protect and Polymer Netshield Treatment.

Being a management fleet car that was used during the Singapore Airshow,

the car came with moderate water etching and also swirls that can be easily rectify with a 2 stage paint correction.

Paintwork Refined and Detailed by B'Shine Grooming.

Coated with SONAX NPP and PNS.

A Unique Dual Layer PPS system that Combines Nano and Polymer Technology from Germany. (Strigent TUV Certified).

Fuss Free Maintenance, Gloss and Protection for 12 months and more.








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Had the privilege to provide our services for this Maserati Granturismo.

Big shoutout to our friends over at Exquisite Marques for their continued trust in us and also support.

Paintwork Corrected and Detailed by B'Shine Grooming

Treated with SONAX Premium Class Carnuaba Wax.

Perfect for the old school Wax lover.

Interior done up with our Premium Interior Service. Loving Swissvax Leather Milk!

Dont mind the F430 lurking in the background. The Limelight belongs to the GT for now.








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Ferrari F430 coming in for some B'Shine Grooming TLC.

Its given a Full Exterior Decon, Rims Detailing, Clay service.

2 Step Correction and layered with 2 Layers of SONAX Premium Class Carnuaba Wax.

The Signature Ferrari Red literally popped!








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Hello Everyone!

Its been a while since we have updated our thread as we were working hard during the pre CNY period to serve our customers with all our heart.

We will like to take this chance again to thank all our customers that have entrusted us with their cars to have it groomed for a great start to the New Year!

Also to share some of the more interesting cars that we had the chance to work on since we last updated.

As Bryan is a huge JDM fan driving the Honda FD2R himself.

He really had a great time working on the few iconics JDM that we recieved.

First up!

Honda Civic Type R EK9

Amos had been a long customer turned friend that been to us multiple times.
His previous FD2R that was respray and detailed by us has been sold off due to a growing family.

Having gone a full circle to different cars, he has settle back to this iconic Honda EK as his personal toy car and also another MPV as a family one.

The EK was also sanded to the bare metal and resprayed from the ground up. Allowing the paint to cure and ready to receive a full detail and coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield PPS coating.

We arrange for John, a customer turned friend who is a hobbyist Car Photographer to come by for a shoot for this iconic car as well.

I am pretty sure its easy to spot which are the ones taken by our Point and Shoot Camera VS John carefully set up shots.

Will love to improve on our photography skills in the near future.
















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Next up.

Mitsubishi  Evo VI Tommi Mäkinen Edition.

It took Tommi Mäkinen 4 rally championship wins for Mitsubishi to launch a special edition to his name.

This extremely rare and pristine unit in the original red and while strips is indeed a collector's item now.

We are honored to have the owner's trust to do work on it to restore it to its glory it deserves.

We will also like to thank John for popping by to take a few quality photos for it before we let it go.













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Mazda RX7 FD3S

A timeless piece from Japan that have capture many hearts of JDM fans thru out the world.

They just don't make cars like this anymore.

Made even more popular with the anime Initial D driven by one of the main characters, Keisuke Takahashi, the younger of the Takahashi brothers.

It probably have attained a legendary status with a cult following.

With its elegant exterior curves and silhouette that captivates the eyes.
We are honored to have the chance to work on this one and bring it to its glory again.

Needing some loving.












Not meant to have passengers.


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Its always nice serving returning customers that been with us for years.

Taking the time each time to actually catch up and chit chat about life and such.

Lance is a good example of a customer turned friend that been with us since the very beginning.

Coming back for the 3rd time to have his car detailed and have the SONAX Nano Paint Protect PPS coating for his Freelander2.

He came by with his beautiful daughter to pick up the car and we had a great chat as I myself just had a baby girl too.

He shared many great parenting tips with me which I am grateful for.

Providing excellent service and also building a long lasting relationship is what we always strive to do and hope we will always be of good service for many more years to come.








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Mr Goh's Porsche 911 Carrera S in Black.

In a limited and rare Majula Singapura Edition!!!


We are glad we were entrusted with this beauty and got to get up glose and personal with her.

The car posed some challenges along the way but we are glad we manage to overcome them as Mr Goh did not rush us in anyway.

Paint Work Corrected and Refined by B’Shine Grooming.

Interior treated with Deluxe Interior Service.

Coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & 
Polymer Netshield.

A Unique Dual Layer PPS system from Germany (Stringent TUV Certification) that combines Nano and Polymer Technology.

Fuss Free Maintenance, Gloss and Protection for 12 months (warranty) and more!

Contact us today for a no obligations chit chat to see what we can do for you!

Bryan 9146 5566
David 9879 2202






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Hamid was a customer that drop by after locating us on SGCarMart listing, this was about slight more than 3 years ago if my memory serves me correct.

He was driving a 7 - 8 years old purple Vios and was just looking to do up a polish and sealant service for his car.

Upon completing our service, he pick up his car(satisfied I hope) and he left.

He "liked" our facebook page after and from Facebook, I realise that we had some mutual friends. (Power of Social Media!) 

The next time he visited again, he opted for the same service and this time we had a good chit chat where we talked about those mutual friends and also that we found out that we were from the same school even.

There will always be some customers that we can relate better to on a personal level and connect, and Hamid was definitely one of them.

We always strive to deliver a professional and personal service all our customers and Hamid has became more like a friend now.

Being a Orthopaedic himself, he given me professional advice on a knee problem that had been bugging me for years and not only introduce me to his recommended Orthopaedic Surgeon to perform my knee operation last Nov. He even went on to help me set up the appointment with a shorter waiting time.

7 months after my operation, I have him to thank for now I no longer suffer in pain after a long day of detailing at the workshop anymore.

Its relationships like this that we slowly forge with our supportive customers that we really come to  treasure. Moving beyond a Service Provider / Client role and basically becoming friends.

Hamid has come back with a Honda Vezel that he bought 15 months ago and had sent it for a PPS coating back then. He was coming in again for a Full Recoat again and we had our usual jokes and banter.

"We are unable to do your car unless we remove the Liverpool Decal"
I am a Man Utd Fan and David is a Arsenal fan. 

Although I repeat this every visit, it may sound silly but still provides 2 silly men with some laughter.

His car was filled with decals and I struggle to find a good space to stick on ours and sadly, it has to be stuck together with the Liverpool decal.

However, there is 1 decal that we approve of! 
"The Best is Yet To Be"

Paint Work Corrected and Refined by B’Shine.

Interior treated with Deluxe Interior Service.

Coated with SONAX Nano Paint Protect & Polymer Netshield.

A Unique Dual Layer PPS system from Germany (Stringent TUV Certification) that combines Nano and Polymer Technology.

Fuss Free Maintenance, Gloss and Protection for 12 months (warranty) and more!

Contact us today for a no obligations chit chat to see what we can do for you!

Bryan 9146 5566
David 9879 2202








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can please pm the price for C-Class w205? Palladium Silver.

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