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Infratint Automotive Film Pte Ltd
“Heat Under Control”

Infratint Automotive Film Pte Ltd is a supplier and specialist in the Infratint brand of solar films. We help to advise on the right choice of tinted window film from our wide range, depending on your individual requirements. 

Our trained team will guide customers through all the way to actual installation. We hold it as a personal challenge to ourselves in maintaining high standards of quality in every job. 

Our company offers the best in terms of upmarket installation while remaining competitive within the industry. Every step of the process is carried out in a dust-free workshop, assuring the cleanest environment possible for your car. We do one piece installation, fitting perfectly even on curved windows.

Infratint recommends the use of solar films to help protect both the driver and car. Besides preventing damage to the vehicle’s interior furnishing, it also shields your skin from the Sun. Choosing Infratint is thus a wise choice of investment, especially so for drivers in countries with humid climates such as Singapore.

With the use of our films, up to 99.6% of harmful ultraviolet rays and 99% of infra-red radiation are blocked, while allowing up to 78% visible light transmission. Rejecting solar hazards assists in keeping the temperature of the car interior cool. This eases the strain on the air-conditioning unit, resulting in overall reduced fuel consumption and savings.

While the heat is kept out, transmittable signals are not affected. Reception to mobile phones, GPRS navigators, ERP and other devices remain clear.

With Infratint Solar films combined with our skill in installation, we minimise the possibility of oxidization cracking and peeling, as well as reduce glass failure. Infratint guarantees quality that lasts up to 7 years warranty against bubbling and peeling.

With all of the above factors in mind, our customers are given the ultimate value for money when they choose Infratint films. So for increased comfort in your daily transit and better cost-effective measures, gain your peace of mind with Infratint.

Infratint Automotive Film Pte Ltd

Location : 32 OLD TOH TUCK ROAD,#01-10,I.BIZ CENTRE,S( 597658 )
Office No: 66845330
Office Fax: 63394012
Moblie No: 94560888 (Sherman Chan)
Website: Infrared tinted solar film for window, windscreen tinting film for car
0% installment plans available for Citibank and Standard Chartered Credit Cards
Operating Hours: Mon - Sat, 10am - 6pm
Sunday/Public Holiday Off.


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