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Found 6 results

  1. KNN Filter- $old (1) GFB DV+- $old (2) Mach 5 Turbo Muffler- $old (3) Exclusive Motorsport ECU Piggyback- $old
  2. Chiptuning: More driving pleasure thanks to enhancement of the vehicles’ electronic devices. In modern vehicles, small computers are used to monitor and control the engine. This computer, the so-called electronic control unit (ECU) receives analogue and digital signals and then calculates actuation control commands for ignition, injection, emission control and others. Basically, Chiptuning provides two possibilities to increase the performance of an modern engine: via an additional electronic control device or a so-called OBD-tuning/ECU-remap/reflash. Chiptuning via an additional control device An additional electronic control device is connected to the engine and the actual engine control unit. There are no mechanical modifications to the engine nor software changes to the engine control unit. The trick behind is really simple: The electronics of the additional device enhances the engine controlling in real time. Real time engine parameters are optimized up to million times per second and thus results in a significant and directly noticeable power improvement. At the same time – if your driving behaviour is the same – the fuel consumption can be reduced. With this kind of Chiptuning the engine protection programme remains unchanged. There’s no risk to overload any individual engine components. If a top speed limitation (V-Max) is determined for your vehicle, it’ll remain; because the original software of the vehicle remains unchanged. RaceChip® Chiptuning kit as additional control device RaceChip® Chiptuning kits are designed to be Plug-and-Play, without any wire-cutting. The installation will be carried out by by our professional installer and for most vehicles it takes about 10 to 15 minutes only. No further troublesome software tuning on dynamometer is necessary. With RaceChip® Chiptuning you may individually adjust the performance setting of the tuning to suit your needs, should you wish to deviate from the optimized basic settings for your vehicle. You can adjust your RaceChip® Chiptuning kit towards “maximum performance”, or “fuel-saving eco-tuning” or a mixture of both. You can remove the RaceChip® Chiptuning module again when you want to sell your car or before sending your car into the service center for schedule service or warranty claim. Normally, Chiptuning can’t be traced after removal. The best part is, you can transfer your RaceChip® Chiptuning module to your next car, if it is compatible; or with a new harness and new software to suit your new car. Ask us for further information. Chiptuning via OBD-Tuning/ECU-Remap/Reflash With OBD-Tuning/ECU-Remap/Reflash, the original software of the vehicle’s engine control unit is modified by reading it out of the engine control device at a diagnostic interface (OBD), modifying it with appropriate programmes at a PC and rewrite/reflash it into the engine control device again. In some cases the original chip is replaced by a tuning chip. Recently, most of the vehicle manufacturers prohibits software manipulation directly over the diagnostic interface (OBD) with a so-called “Anti Tuning” firmware. In order to overcome this feature, tuners have to pry open the ECU to read and write the software by means of bench-tuning. This in the other hand increases the risk to damage the ECU. One advantage of OBD-Tuning is that the V-max (top speed limitation) can be deleted. Furthermore, with OBD-Tuning a higher performance increase might be achieved as compared to Chiptuning via an additional control device, because of the extensive interference on ECU output parameters. Disadvantages of OBD-Tuning/ECU-Remap/Reflash First things first, your factory warranty will be voided, as OBD-Tuning/ECU-Remap/Reflash can be traced easily by the manufacturer’s diagnose machine. Engine damages can’t be excluded, as OBD-Tuning can switch off engine protection functions to provide more edgy performance. The tuned vehicle might be impossible to diagnose due to the tuning software. Error codes and repairs might not be able to be executed properly. It’s not possible to adjust the tuning by yourself; only the tuner on site can do so. You cannot transfer the tuned software to another car. For us at RaceChip® the advantages of Chiptuning by plug-and-play tuning kit predominate, therefore, we have decided on this variation of Chiptuning.
  3. RaceChip, the truly Plug N Play solution to your engine performance upgrade for Modern Turo Petrol & Turbo Diesel Engines. RaceChip #1 Chip Tuning Worldwide + Engineered & Made In Germany + TÜV, CE, ISO .......and SIRIM Approval + Custom Software tune for Asia Hot Climate (Local Distributor) + 2 Years Full Product Warranty one to one Exchange + 48MHz High End Processor, Advance Chipset & Motherboard + Professional [Plug N Play] Intelligent Engine Performance Equipment + Factory Warranty Friendly + Tested & Proven In Major Racing Circuits Worldwide & International Circuit + Saving Up To 15% Fuel Economy + Optimized Up To 30% Horsepower + Optimized Up To 30% Torque + Quicker Acceleration 0-100 & Response + Faster To Reach Top Speed + Smarter Gear Shifting + Smoother Daily Driving + 100% More Driving Fun + Upgrading Your Existing Driving Experience + Applications over 4,000 vehicle model + Vehicle Factory Friendly (Agent not able to direct anything after unplug) Feel free to message us for your car model quote
  4. Hi Anyone interested to go? We can have a mini MU there ...
  5. Anyone know where to buy SAMCO turBo hose for W204? I see my stock hose expanding when pressurised, is it normal?
  6. A lot of overseas trip and postings coming up so doubt i need such luxury to be left at home and unutilised.. will be trading down to a small get-around or maybe even more drastically, an OPC! Anyway, I digress and here's the deal: 20 May 2008 OMV of $37,836 and COE of $18,000 and new road tax till May 2013! Mercedes B200 Turbo (the turbo version comes with panoramic roof, rear spoiler, stiffer suspensions, and body kit. Most importantly, it comes with 280NM Torque and 193BHP which is more than adequate to propel the car from 0-100 in under 8 seconds) Only done 63K km Replaced brake rotors and pads 4 months ago, new air con coil unit, new air con blower motor, new bilstein shock absorbers, flushed gearbox twice (to be sure) and serviced twice under my care (just 12 months) Also comes with JBL MS-8 and the original Mercedes Roof rails and bicycle rack! CONTACT ME FOR PRICING