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Mercedes-Benz Owned

Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am new here and would like to buy a old Mercedes C class of nearly 10 years old. Can any experts here please educate me what exactly is the real renewal of COE is (Cat A or B????) for a year 2008 or 2009 Mercedes C class (C180 or C200) which is due for next COE renewal? I thought I read somewhere before that its supposed to be CAT A but the car agents are telling me it is CAT B???? Please help to clarify. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, Just got myself a 9 year old W211 E200 NGT to try out the driving experience btw conti and jap. I have been driving mostly Toyota all my life, finally decided it is time for a change. 1st reason to get the NGT model because my office have been shift to Mandai Industrial Estate, it is just a stone throw from the refill station. 2nd reason is due to the dropped in CAT B's COE, think if the condition of this car is good to go, might even consider to renew the COE. To all bro and sis driving the W211 E200FL, do you think this car can go beyond 10 years road life ? Thank you.
  3. http://singaporeseen...-if-rental-debt Help! Local pet shelter with 700 animals in danger of being evicted if rental debt is not paid Posted on 06 May 2015 Housing more than 700 animals in need, one of the largest pet shelters in Singapore is facing a financial crisis again. Animal Lovers League (ALL) wrote in to Stomp in an appeal for donations to help settle their rental debt -- or they might face eviction. ALL, founded by Cathy Strong and co-founder Mohan, is a local pet shelter located at Pasir Ris Farmway. Tiara, a representative from ALL explained: "As we are mainly run via donations, we require help from Stomp to get our message out there, to raise more awareness and funds to our cause. "We are currently experiencing a shortage of rental fees for the months of April and May and in danger of being evicted along with the 700 over animals we house at our shelter. "For the love of animals and especially for the survival of ALL's 700 dogs and cats, Mohan and I, shamelessly for their sakes, are begging each and everyone who is reading this appeal to come forward to help us help them. "A pledge of any amount on a monthly basis is needed for the following expenses : "Rental with 1 Worker $18,400 Water & Electricity $4,125 Late Payment Fine $300 GST $1,598 ------------- TOTAL $24,423 "The amount for the rental and one worker is fixed. Water & Electricity depends on how much water we use to keep the shelter clean. "Late Payment Fine depends on how many days the payment is overdue. (We are expected to pay by the 1st of every calendar month). "GST is dependent on the total sum. "Because of our failure to pay the April rental on time, Eugene who has been seconded to us was taken back, leaving us leaving us short of helpers to cook, feed and clean the shelter. "A grace period has been given to us for the month of May. We must pay up the rental for May as well as the balance of the April account by the end of May or face the consequence of having our water and electricity cut off. "Please let us have your pledge now, whether it is $20 or more each month, by Whatsapp to 91546422. "If willing, you may send a cheque payable to Animal Lovers League, and mail it to Yishun Central P O Box 163, S'pore 917606. "(Please write your name, address, and email address on the back of your cheque so we can mail you the receipt). "For Funds Transfer, our DBS Current A/C No. is 015-900383-3 "(Please whatsapp us the transaction receipt and your name, address and email address for your receipt). "Your pledge, hopefully will convince the landlord of our determination to fulfill our obligations to him. "Each month you will be updated on the progress of your contributions."
  4. Pulled over by LTA. Need to replace the entire exhaust system on a CLK55 AMG to pass inspection. I didn't modify the car, no way of tracking original parts. Help anyone? who to call/what to do? Hoping for a not so expensive solution as the car has about a year left but I'm trying to hang on to it for extreme sentimental reasons. Otherwise it's the scrapyard, and that is a bit of a pity as the car is running fine, and I will miss it dearly.
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