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Found 33 results

  1. [Another product developed By Sonic Racing 2018] All Mercedes Benz, A must gadget to install. Magnus Intelligence Accelerator System (IAS) developed to improve the responsiveness of modern-day vehicles. Its a fully plug & play device that simply connects into the accelerator pedal. With 21 selectable programs that improve throttle response by removing delays in the accelerator. Getting the most out of your car! Improving the throttle response of your accelerator. # Eliminates accelerator pedal delays, # Plug in and go, ready to use in a few minutes. Combo Power Upgrade...Made for Benz! ~Magnus IAS Intelligent Accelerator System (Fully Programmable) *Getting the most out of your car! Improving the throttle response of your accelerator. Dramatically improves throttle response and simultaneously reduces lag. Installation Plug & Play! ~GFB DV+ Diverter Valve *Sharper throttle response -Faster boost recovery on gearshift -Solves boost leaking issues -Built to last ~SR Turbo Muffler Response Kit *Fantastic smooth turbulence free turbo response, greatly reduce turbo lag SMS / WhatsApp 86689119
  2. Hi all, I have encountered one headlight turn ON by itself after I turn off the engine and lock my car. I have checked the headlight switch is in Auto position. Any bro experience this on their ride?
  3. Finally this fake CarPlay: Car Cool Play is here waiting for the penalty. 5 Reasons: 1: When it is in CarPlay mode, Reverse camera wont show up automatically when Gear R. 2: Sound is go through FM transmitter, got inference from time to time especially in Tunnel. 3: Display quality is quite Low, because it is go through a Low quality video interface. 4: Can not hear radio when in CarPlay Navi, if switch to Radio, then can not hear Navi voice guidance. 5: USB Port is dangling in the Cup holder side. Not in the original USB port in armrest compartment. 6: CarPlay connection is intermittent, sometimes connection auto drop. Need unplug and plug to connect. First of all, it is a good product from China, the engineers must did a lot I believe, including the original controller, and steering button can toggle the Cool Play System. I do wish they can settle all the issues I mentions above. Cheers! Max from EleBest Pte Ltd
  4. Hi all! just wondering if any of you know of any GLC bodykits or LTA approved exhaust in the market now??? if you do, please share the posion & pics if possible! thanks!
  5. EleBest Pte Ltd#04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-97335000Tel: +65 9733 5000 Whatsapp: +65 9733 5000 Wechat: EleBestAddress: #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, SingaporeWebsite: www.elebestsg.comFacebook: Instagram: Watch our videos: Pte Ltd
  6. GLC W253 Keyless Entry Retrofitted EleBest Pte Ltd#04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-97335000Tel: +65 9733 5000 Whatsapp: +65 9733 5000 Wechat: EleBestAddress: #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Website: Facebook: Instagram: Watch our videos:
  7. Hi! You also have GLC? CALL Max!!! We have successfully retrofitted NTG 5, Map Pilot, Ambient Lights, Reverse Camera, 360 View Camera, Blind Spot Warning, Keyless Entry, Burmester Sound System...... CALL Max +65 9733 5000 Build your dream car!!!!!! EleBest Pte Ltd#04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-97335000Tel: +65 9733 5000 Whatsapp: +65 9733 5000 Wechat: EleBestAddress: #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Website: Facebook: Instagram: Watch our videos:
  8. C Class & GLC Class (W205 & W253) Exhaust New Arrival EleBest Pte Ltd#04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-97335000Tel: +65 9733 5000 Whatsapp: +65 9733 5000 Wechat: EleBestAddress: #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, SingaporeWebsite: Facebook: Instagram: Watch our videos:
  9. Benz Illuminated Star arrived! Let The Star Shine. The central star emblem Mercedes radiator grille lights up when lock/unlock the vehicle. For A class, C class, CLA, GLA, CLS, E-Coupe, GL-Class, ML-Class...........
  10. For sale is an original Mercedes isofix child seat. Bought from C&C about 5 years ago when I collect my car. The seat is in very good condition, view to believe. My son uses it only on weekends. Clean regularly. Paid about S$900+. Viewing on weekdays at Shaw Tower Beach Road during office hours and weekends at the West side. I am letting go at S$250. PM to discuss. Thanks.
  11. There are request for DIY walkthrough for installation of the 3D Rotary tweeters. I shall split the instructions into 2 parts for categorization and ease of search. The tool you absolutely need is simply just a Torx driver with T30 Torx bit. The rest are really good to have: trim removal pry, grip work gloves, addition narrow tip flat heas screw driver to depress the connector's release tabs. And before starting, lower both the front windows until fully retracted, reduce the chance of brealing the glass panels. Next swtich off the engine and power to the car. 1. Using the T30 torx bit driver, unscrew the torx headed screws from the 2 locations circled in red. A magnetized torx bit will be better to make sure your unscrewed screws don't drop into some of the narrow gaps in the door frame. 2. Next, use the interior trim pry to pull the interior door panel from the metal door frame. The locations of the various panel studs are shown in the picture as illustrated. So pry at the right location. Be careful of the door lock stub once the panel is pulled free from the frame. Make sure you don't lose any of the panel studs. 3. Once the inteior door panel is free from the door frame, remember you still have a few connections to release before the whole panel can be moved aside. - Unhook the door latch cable and unplug the connector as shown. - unolug the original speaker cable and connector from the door panel speaker. - unplug the wires and blue connectors that are plugged into "5" and "6" slots on the Door Control Module (DCM) After all the above is done, you can remove the interior door panel and move it aside to a safe location so as not to scratch or damage the surfaces. Now you are ready to install the 3D Rotary tweeters.
  12. hi. new owner of GLC Coupe here. I was surfing the web for parts and came across this. Seems like there is a OBD device to unlock Apple CarPlay or Android function. have anyone tried this before? also i think elebest does it. Have anyone do it before and how much does it cost?
  13. Had always wanted the flared rear fenders look and finally got hold of the parts numbers to order it via MB parts stockist Wanted to install it myself so decided to research into how to do it. There are no instructions available online specific for the GLC. Took me some effort to get hold of 2017 Mercedes-Benz WIS, referenced the instructions and the actual new fender trim I was replacing for locations of the tabs and clips. Tried the replacement and completed the project within 60mins as I wanted to be as careful as possible so as to not break any tabs. Took some pictures of the process and made into a pictorial instructional video. Hope those looking to swap out your rear fender trims find this useful!
  14. Preferably white
  15. Hi all, Just wanted to share the latest modification that I have done for my GLC Coupe. With my Comand NTG 5 that was installed, I wanted to see what else can be done to the car and since there is no CarPlay or Android Auto on the GLC Coupe (C253), I was thinking of the possibility to have AirPlay instead of just CarPlay since Airplay effectively means that I can have my ENTIRE iPhone mirrored to the screen of my car. Wouldn't that be cool ? Asked around and was looking fro HDMI input but it was a tough hunt. Many video input in the after market space are still stuck at the traditional RCA plugs which does no good to the latest Apple TV since it's all HDMI. Why get another converter and try to convert from HDMI to RCA etc. More points of failure. Found some sources out there and it turns out that it is only 480p resolution which is not fantastic. No HD on the Apple TV ? No Way. Managed to find someone that was very willing to explore and found a a HDMI input box @ 720p. The problem is of course there was no Aux in for my car model (Somehow I don't know why) and I eventually settled for FM transmitter which works out pretty well considering that I am stationary when I play with my Apple TV for entertainment. Here are some photos to share. I can have Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Toggle (Live TV requires Toggle Prime membership), AirVideo HD (For streaming all my videos from home), Viki ( VOD for Korean Drama) and I even have games on it. iTunes Music(With Lyrics) is not too bad on Apple TV because it's FM for me, it's not as ideal as someone with an AUX In. My internet runs off an portable wifi in the car for streaming and since you have plans like Data Infinity from Singtel @ 50GB more on top of your plan, it should not be any big issues. Reverse camera (or 360 camera if you have) all works as per normal since it will auto toggle when you hit the Reverse Gear. So for requirements, you got to have NTG5 Comand in order for it to work since the video box requires NTG5.
  16. EleBest Pte Ltd#04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-97335000Tel: +65 9733 5000 Whatsapp: +65 9733 5000 Wechat: EleBestAddress: #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, SingaporeWebsite: www.elebestsg.comFacebook: Instagram: Watch our videos:
  17. Hi guys, Anyone has upgraded their stock glc with burmester sound system? My PI quoted a top up of close to 5k before gst. Is it really worth spending or does it make so much different comparing to stock unit. Car music is important to me but spending 5k.. Don't we have other after market system better? Regards Bob
  18. I realized that there seem to be some uncertainty when it comes to pumping the "right" pressure for the GLC. I guess partly because most are new to SUV and RFT (Me in cluded!) When I first collected my car from C&C, after a few weeks of driving, when I checked the pressure at the petrol station, I was shocked that my tyre pressures are 310 kPa all round. I suspect that was because of shipping that they pump the tyres pressure much higher to make sure they have minimal sideway movements during their RORO shipping. C&C must have not corrected the shipping tyre pressure prior to delivery. So I brought the pressure down to 275kPa (warm) all round. The ride is better and less nervous on low speed uneven surfaces. Subsequently I just allowed the pressure to come down gradually to about 245 kPa (warm) after a few months of driving. Even more comfortable but lose abit of the cornering limit due to more tyre sidewall deformation. Had thought about putting it back to 275 kPa to confirm the differences I felt but happened that I was sending in my car for CEL issue, I also took the opportunity to get them to do the 5k rotation. When I received my car back from C&C, I was surprised that they pumped the pressure to 285 kPa (front) and 265 kPa (rear) [warm] I wonder If there is a reason for the front higher and rear lower pressure kind of setup. the pressure is also very much different from the recommended pressure at the fuel door. Anyone care to share what is your preferred tyre pressure setup? My tyres are 235/55 R19 front and rear. Borrow this picture from Aling's post:
  19. This thread is just for sharing items from Taobao that GLC owners have bought and proven will fit well for our local GLCs. China GLCs are LHD and ours are RHD. Of course comments on quality and fitment will be appeciated for benefit of owners keen to purchase and install.
  20. Anyone have any idea how to create the playlist for Audio 20 media playback function? I transferred my library of music from iTunes into a usb drive and stick it into one of the 2 usb slot. Although I can search for singers/albums via the menu, I prefer to have a playlist to mix and match my various songs so that I don't need to go back to the menu to search each time I want to change the singer/album.
  21. Dear All, To celebrate 7th birthday of EleBest Pte Ltd, We have special promotion on this retrofit: Only valid in from 1 Aug - 11 Aug, $500 discount to the usual price just screen shot our previous quotation to you, before 1 Aug 2017. #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao +6597335000 EleBest Pte Ltd 9:30-18:00, Mon-Sat
  22. Anyone noticed that their clock/time tends to slow down over time? Mine is bad enough that I am behind by 1 minute in 1-2 weeks. Keeps needing to reset it every 2 weeks or so. Wonder what is wrong......and I thought a clock is the least complicated stuff to have it mess up like that!
  23. Just did a swap of my hood badge for the black one to match with my black rim caps. 1. Preparation: - 3M Painter's Tape to protect your paintwork. - trim removal tool (not too big as you want the pry edge to be as narrow as possible to get under the tight fitted badge) - rag for cleaning up finger prints and the dirt under the original badge. - of course the badge you want to swap for. Make sure is the correct model. Note the 2 pins in vertical alignment. Some are horizontal. 2. Paste the 3M Painter's Tape around the hood badge as close to the edge as possible. 3. Use your trim removal tool and try to get the narrowest edge underneath the badge. Try all round to find a relatively looser spot. Once you get your tool under, it is very easy to simply wedge the trim removal tool further in. Go all around to ease the badge up without breaking the 2 anchoring pins. 4. Once the badge is removed, you can see the grommets holding the badge pins down. No need to replace these unless they are worn or you have removed the badge forcibly at an awkward angle, damaging them in the process. Clean up the dirt around the area and position your new replacment badge (check and double check the orientation!) before pressing it down. 5. Stand back and admire your handy work!
  24. Anyone beside BAT & mysticryan own a GLC/GLC Coupe with Burmster? I would like to buy Kopi, meet up & compare their Burmster with mine. Please advice, cheers