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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, This is quite a long post regarding gear shifting / starter problem and as of now, problem not resolved yet. Hopefully, some bros can shed some light. Car: Year 2012 W212 Problem 1 (gear shift to 'P' or 'N' by itself) The problem first started about 2 months ago when I stop at a traffic light and I felt a small jerk. Realised the gear has shifted to 'P' by itself. I couldn't shift back to 'D', until I switch off and restart the engine. Afterwards, all is ok, the car run smoothly. However, a few days later, when slowing down (not complete stop yet), the car will shift to neutral by itself. Same thing, I couldn't shift it back to 'D' until I switch off the engine. The check engine light also came on. This happens intermittently over the next few days/weeks. Problem 2 (starter cannot crank) Living with problem 1 for a few weeks, when starting the car one morning, I can feel the starter crank once (split second thingy) and stop. After trying a few times, manage to start and driving was smooth after. Similarly, the starter problem happen a few more times over the next few weeks. Decide to bring car to workshop. Assessment 1 First diagnosis naturally points to faulty starter. After changing, cannot start still. Lucky it happen while still at the workshop. So concluded its not a starter motor issue. Workshop was very proactive to reverse the repair and kept the car for further diagnosis. Assessment 2 Car was left overnight for diagnosis and was informed that Problem 2 was caused by a faulty Intelligent Servo Module (ISM). https://mechvibesblog.com/intelligent-servo-module/ Replaced the ISM Post repair - Day 1 The car seems to be cranking and starting smoothly after changing the ISM. However, on the night itself, the gear shifted to neutral again while at slow speed. Check engine light came on again. Called the workshop. The quick assessment is that it is two separate and different problem e.g. gear shift by itself and starter issue. Meaning that the ISM have resolved the starter issue while the gear shifting by itself is a separate problem. Possible the conductor plate? Nonetheless, was told to monitor and continue driving. Post repair - Day 7 Today, the car once again did the dreaded spilt-second crank and stop 😫. Have to retry 3-4 times before starting the engine. This is after 6-7 days of smooth cranking after changing the ISM. Diagnosis??? So the big question now is, are the 2 problems related? It seems like there is a sequence to it? The gear shifting to neutral by itself first, and a week or 2 later, the starter problem will surface? Perhaps problem 1 leads to problem 2? Thanks for reading, and any help or comment is much appreciated! Will post result and outcomes when/if i solve the problem.
  2. #AMG #Mercedes Stockist In Singapore #PropelAuto W463 G63AMG Drivetrain parts #ForSale Donor car: 000,080Km Mileage Showroom car⛽️ 🔥Rear Axle | Steering Box | Control Arms | Drive Shafts | Doors | Radiator & Cooler | Suspension | Transfer Case 🔥 #Mercedes #G63AMG #W463 #Spareparts Facebook chat: https://m.me/Propelauto Call us +65 62690215 Whatsapp us: +65 85198833
  3. Dear all, PropelAuto received a 40Ft Container for Mercedes Stuffs #Genuine Original Parts All Low Mileage Car Parts Don't believe? Please take a trip come down to take a look, we are sure you will like it. Buy a Premium Quality Original Genuine stuff only at @propelauto Grab before it's gone Call us +65 62690215 Whatsapp us: +65 85198833 Quote SGMerc to get SPECIAL discount % for our SGmerc users only Like our page for regular New updates https://www.facebook.com/Propelauto
  4. Dear friends I notice a clicking sound under the conditions: - low RPM and I press on the gas firmly - especially if it's an incline - around 1100-1200 rpm - doesn't happen if I above 2000 rpm - if i kick down and the gear shifts down - seems to happen more with SPC than other brands of fuels.. - more often when the engine has been running for a while - the sound come from the engine bay area Thanks bros for helping!
  5. Hi everyone, Recently (around 4 months?) my W211 have been popping out with problems after problems. Initially was loud humming sound when accelerating on low RPM, error signs appearing on dash and i actually thought it wont be affecting my drive so no action was taken . Until this week, the car begin to jerk/vibrate (also only low RPM) and noticed a decrease in performance, very unresponsive in throttle. Visited workshop and was asked to do a gearbox overhaul (also means no car for 4 days ) and some other replacement as priced below: Gear box overhaul $4000 Spark Plug $25 x 4 = $100 Ignition coil $125 x 6 I guess old car = more problems is true I have been visiting workshop several times from the start of the chain but was reluctant as I only have 1yr 4m more to drive it, car will be going to scrapyard afterall (always hesitating whether its worth to spend this money on a 9yo car), but now I'm getting worried it might not last until then. I even checked with scrapyard and was offered $5000 for a used gearbox (was expecting less though) Not an expert or experienced in merc but is the price quoted reasonable? Repair or scrap? Workshop recommendations are welcomed too. Open to suggestions
  6. http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/News/Search-Results/First-Official-Pictures/Mercedes-E-class-2015-gets-new-nine-speed-transmission-for-lower-emissions/ If you thought car transmissions were racing to challenge mountain bikes, wait until you see the new 2015 model year Mercedes E-class. Daimler today confirmed the revised E-class will get the company’s nine-speed automatic transmission on the E350 Bluetec diesel. The Mercedes 9G-Tronic gearbox has an epically long top gear, all the better to reduce fuel consumption and emissions for E-class owners. Daimler is not alone to offer nine-speed transmissions; Land Rover offers them on the Evoque too. Nine speeds for 2015 Mercedes E-classAt present, the nine-speeder is only fitted to the E350 Bluetec, which gains an extra six horsepower to make a total of 255bhp. Mercedes says CO2 output drops by up to 17g/km on the E350 diesel, tumbling to 136g/km for the E-class Coupe, 139g/km on the saloon, 142g/km on the estate and 143g/km for the E-class Cabriolet. The 7G-Tronic auto continues elsewhere, but Merc has trimmed emisisons on the popular E220 Bluetec, too: CO2 falls by up to 16g/km, depending on derivative, and power is up to 175bhp. The E 220 BlueTEC SE Saloon now has the lowest CO2 emissions of the whole E-class range at 116 g/km. Mercedes E-class (2015): what else is new?Extra equipment is being fitted to every E-class model for 2015. Collision Prevention Assist Plus is now standard across the board, warning drivers if a crash is imminent and – if they ignore visual and audio warnings – braking for them at speed up to 62mph. Who said autonomous cars weren’t available yet? New trims are launched simultaneously this autumn. Dubbed Premium and Premium Plus packages, they bundle loads of kit for up to a quarter off the price compared with if you bought the items separately. Sounds like a great way to snaffle a panoramic glass sunroof, reversing cameras, keyless go and Harman Kardon stereos to keep your passengers entertained. The revised Mercedes E-class goes on sale in September 2014.
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