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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, Got a used GLA45 Armytrix Exhaust System for sale at $1.5 without dongle and remotes. Item already dekitted. Interested parties can contact me at 94750600 to deal.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for an exhaust for my C180 coupe W204, anyone that's looking to dekit pls contact me! Prefers piecha but if u have something else pm me!
  3. Hey guys, Not sure if it's appropriate but I thought I'd share this here with the community, Admin please remove if deem inappropriate Maxhaust Active Sound << Click link to their fb page Check them out! Makes your car sounds like a V6/V8 !
  4. Hi all, Newbie here. I'm looking for CAI for my A180. Found that AEM CAI quite reasonably priced. But it was made for A250. Not sure if it physically fit in A180? Exhaust or Muffler wise, is A250 ones compatible with A180 as well? Thanks in advanced
  5. Looking for LTA approved exhaust, lowering spring, and sway bars for W176. Please contact 92377603. Thanks
  6. C Class & GLC Class (W205 & W253) Exhaust New Arrival EleBest Pte Ltd#04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-97335000Tel: +65 9733 5000 Whatsapp: +65 9733 5000 Wechat: EleBestAddress: #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, SingaporeWebsite: http://www.elebestsg.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elebest-PTE-LTD/461254523965433 Instagram: http://instagram.com/elebestpteltd Watch our videos: http://www.youtube.com/myelebest
  7. Hi bros Just upgraded my W204 C250 coupe with a Piecha exhaust. I expected it to have more noise and louder, but there also seem to be more rattling and vibrations. This is especially at low revs. What can be the possible issues? Engine mount?
  8. Anyone knows where can I get exhaust for this car second hand ? Bassy? Thank you
  9. Hi. Selling the stock CLA front grill (plastidipped to black, you can remove if you want the original color), and also 2 pairs of the rear exhaust tip. Selling as I have changed full bodykit. Items are already removed from car, cash and carry.
  10. Hi everyone I just traded in my car and am dekitting before handover. Following items up for sale. Dekit at your convenience of workshop and labour on you. 1) Full set gunmetal 19" monobloc original BRABUS staggered rims with brand new tyres (<500km with receipts to prove) - $1,200 + swap with your wheels. 2) Brabus Quad pipe brabus exhaust. Comes with LTA certificate. - $2,000 + swap with yours. Interested please text me 918001nine2 Many other brabus parts and you can harvest whatever you can take if you buy both items. Thanks for viewing.
  11. ****SOLD**** GLC 43 - style Quad Exhaust Tips (PAIR) This is a pair of quad exhaust tips to replace the factory stock ones (Dual exhuast tips) from GLC 250/250d with AMG Line or Outdoor exterior rear bumpers. Also seem to fit C-Class (W205), GLE too, please find out for yourself if the exhaust tips for all 3 model lines are interchangeable. Direct replacement using original bolts and holes. Can replace on your own if you are the handy sort. Note: these are for full exhaust tip replacement. Different from those plates that glue onto your existing tips. Good for those who are particular about being able to revert to stock easily next time. Accidentally ordered 2 sets of these when I only need 1 set for my own use. Brand new. 3rd Party non-mercedes benz. $259 cash and carry.
  12. Akrapovic Evolution performance exhaust system for Mercedes-AMG C63 Sedan/C63 Estate (W204/S204) In good condition. Asking $3,500 negotiable. Out of car. Price do not include installation. Cash & Carry and self collection. From Akrapovic website: Stepping up to our Evolution performance exhaust system, there are further gains to be had in terms of power delivery and weight reduction for the C 63 AMG. The sound is also deeper and more aggressive. The Evolution exhaust system is notably louder than the Slip-On, but it’s still perfectly suitable for day-to-day driving. The Evolution system is precision-made of our proprietary titanium: we include the mufflers from the Slip-On system and then add a lightweight link pipe assembly that incorporates integrated resonators. The mounting points are the same and the system fits perfectly. Complete the look with a set of four unique tailpipes in titanium. The bezels for these tailpipes are cast at our foundry from an exclusive blend of titanium, as are the collectors for the mufflers.
  13. Bought from FK , high quality tips . Bought at per tip $80 4-x$80 =$ 320 With centre solid mount Material tips is stainless steel oval shape just like AMG tip.. bought on Sep 2016 . Selling due to upgrading to full exhaust system It should be universal.suitable for All Mercedes model Cash and carry My loss will be ur gain guys.. selling cheap cheap ya.. $160 for all 4 pieces
  14. Hi, Changed my Bonnet, front grille, and exhaust 1-2 weeks into getting my new car in Oct 2013. Have not gotten to sell them till now. Taking up space in my storeroom. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  15. Hi Anyone interested to go? We can have a mini MU there ... http://www.9tro.com/events/meets-drives/2016-sin-underground-preview
  17. Dekitted from my W221. Come with their trademark Upside-down Trapezoid tailpipes In my boot ready to deliver any time. I dekitted at Fong Kim and they seem to know what they are doing so I will recommend fitting it there. Comes with free S-Class Kleemen S50 S3 Rear Bumper Lip (it it survives demitting) See link - http://www.supercars.net/cars/3302.html See below for exhaust tone - MUST USE DESKTOP SPEAKERS. You can't hear anything using a smartphone (I tried, the bass can't be replicated) Should fit E, CLS, CL and S (of course) but caveat emptor applies. Asking $800 o.b.o. PM me. <Thread Closed>
  18. Pulled over by LTA. Need to replace the entire exhaust system on a CLK55 AMG to pass inspection. I didn't modify the car, no way of tracking original parts. Help anyone? who to call/what to do? Hoping for a not so expensive solution as the car has about a year left but I'm trying to hang on to it for extreme sentimental reasons. Otherwise it's the scrapyard, and that is a bit of a pity as the car is running fine, and I will miss it dearly.
  19. [sOLD !! it's been a pleasure selling stuff here] bought these and realise I have absolutely no use for them as my bodykit came with default tail pipes. letting these babies go at 90 bux. u can text me at XXXXXX
  20. Looking to do up my R171. Let me know if anyone is dekitting. Thanks
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