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Mercedes-Benz Owned

Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I am new here and would like to buy a old Mercedes C class of nearly 10 years old. Can any experts here please educate me what exactly is the real renewal of COE is (Cat A or B????) for a year 2008 or 2009 Mercedes C class (C180 or C200) which is due for next COE renewal? I thought I read somewhere before that its supposed to be CAT A but the car agents are telling me it is CAT B???? Please help to clarify. Thanks.
  2. AS topic title. Anyone here renewed or going to renew the COE of your W211 ? I am thinking of doing so by end of the month.
  3. I have a W211 E200K in immaculate condition ideal for COE renewal. Both interior upholstery & exterior paint are in tip top condition. Most of the time is driving with single occupancy & park in covered car parks. Car in good working conditions with regular service. Loaded with lots of good accessories & stock pieces will be passed on new owner as spares. 18" stock sport rims with 4 pcs one year plus Conti tyres. I already planned to renew the COE which will expire in mid of Nov 2017. But....have to let go as I have been posted to work in overseas by mid of August. Please WhatsApp me if you are interested (only for those who intend to buy this car for COE renewal). 91797268
  4. Hi All, Just got myself a 9 year old W211 E200 NGT to try out the driving experience btw conti and jap. I have been driving mostly Toyota all my life, finally decided it is time for a change. 1st reason to get the NGT model because my office have been shift to Mandai Industrial Estate, it is just a stone throw from the refill station. 2nd reason is due to the dropped in CAT B's COE, think if the condition of this car is good to go, might even consider to renew the COE. To all bro and sis driving the W211 E200FL, do you think this car can go beyond 10 years road life ? Thank you.
  5. Bros & Sis, Need your advice and/or opinions. I have a C200K (W203) and it has 235,000km on the clock. I've had it for close to 10 years. Should I renew or scrap it. My preference is to renew. Everybody I spoke to about it says I should scrap it. I'm worried about spares and other big ticket items after I renew it, Please let me have your thoughts and why. Thanks - in advance . Slow Stig
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