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Found 17 results

  1. Dear A-Class Owners, It's a right time to upgrade your A-Class with our AMG Bodykits Parts are removed from a showroom car, LIKE BRAND NEW condition, FREE DELIVERY to your workshop, Pm us if you need other AMG W176 parts like Engine (M133), Gearbox (724015), Doors, Bonnet, Bootlid, Radiator, Turbo, Axle, Arms and other small parts too... Whatsapp us +65 85198833 or FB Chat NOTE THAT OUR ITEM IS GENUINE ORIGINAL MERCEDES PART FROM GERMANY, NOT CHINA / TAIWAN MADE OR OEM PRODUCT
  2. Willing to sell the following items: 1) original full LED head lamps ($2400) and tail lamps ($800). Together $3000 - SOLD 2) MST air intake ($320) - SOLD 3) Fox catback exhaust (LTA compliant) $1000. Need to swap with your original. - SOLD 4) original AMG full body kit, front, rear and side skirt with diamond grill (white) $2000. Need to swap with your original. 5) 18” BBS rims with Bridgestone potenza tyres (about 20k mileage). One rim has a slight kerb rash $1000. Need to swap with your original. Picture below - SOLD all items still on car. Very good condition. Age around 1 to 1.5 years. Interested please PM or contact 9678 3776.
  3. **Another Project Proudly By Sonic Racing! W176 A Class Upgrading: M.B Original Bi-xenon AMG red ring Head-lamps. M.B 2016 face lift original LED head-lamps. M.B Original LED tail-lamps. M.B 2016 Original face lift LED tail-lamps. AMG Bumper kits. AMG Grill. AMG Pedals. AMG brake kits. K&N filter.
  4. Brand new items for sale: 1. Turbo muffler delete 2. Pedaltune for faster throttle response 3. Intercooler 4. Transmission tuning for faster gearshift and release more torque 5. Surpass Power Ignition - direct replacement of stock ignition rod, reuse stock ignition coils 6. front Camber bolts - 1 pair. max Camber adjustable to 2.5 - 2.75 degree 7. Piggyback tuning kit - 4 channels tuning, customizable maps. Excellent power gain from 2000rpm to 6300rpm.
  5. Removed from A180. Local set. Give the lethargic engine a boost. Better acceleration. Easily removed before sending car in. May suit other models with 1.6L M270 engines (A200, CLA180/200, GLA180/200 etc). Please call Race Chip to confirm. **sold**
  6. turbo muffler delete for sale. Fit A, B, C, CLA and E class. PM for pricing. thanks
  7. EleBest Pte Ltd #04-19, WCEGA Plaza 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064 Max Yao, +65-9733 5000 Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 6:00pm Email: [email protected]
  8. Hi all, I am new here, I just got my A180 Style a month ago, and I absolutely love how the interior looks. But something is bothering me, hoping that the professionals and fellow baby merc drivers here can help to clear my doubt, as for the entire past month, I've been worrying non stop. Last time I was driving a Honda, and I read that the A180 7G-DCT will not be as smooth, yes indeed, its VERY different. I went to C&C also and was told the car is normal, but I still feel something is wrong somewhere. Note my car is at about 37000km mileage, and fully serviced at C&C since day 1. Here goes: Normally I drive the car in Comfort mode(C Mode), when I first start the car in the morning, I will wait for about 20 seconds - 40 seconds before I move off. When I first move off from the carpark, I will normally be very light footed, as how my normal driving style is. When I am light footed, the gear RPM shift points are very gentle and very smooth, all gears from D1 - D5 changes about less than 2000rpm, about 1800rpm I would say, for D5 - D7, it changes gear even lower rpm. Note when this happens, the car changes gear very smoothly, and almost nothing can be felt, just maybe a VERY SLIGHT lurge, which most cars will do. Scenario 1: Now, when I hit the road or the expressway, I will accelerate slightly more than in the carpark, but not so much till its like heavy footed, so now, I feel that the car drags the D2 - D3 more, and feel more push, I would think maybe turbo kicks in, not too sure which rpm it comes in. So when this happens, I can totally feel that its like I am driving a manual car, and I am manually clutching in and changing gears, and releasing the clutch, while this happens, the gear changes at very different RPMs, and for my entire trip, or my entire day, the car will perform in the same way, it will rev at this points below: D1 - D2: 1800RPM, D2 - D5: will AT LEAST reach 2500RPM, D5 - D7: slightly less than 2000RPM. Note from D2 : D5, I will feel that "im driving a manual car feeling", and even when I am light footed, the gear will push itself to at least 2500RPM, or 2400RPM before it changes gear, the feeling is like the car is trying its best to achieve that RPM before switching gears, even when I am VERY light footed. I want to know if this is normal or my gearbox has problems? Note this "manual car feeling" is that I feel the lurge forward when it changes gear, imagine driving a fully manual car, and changing gears by clutching in, move your gear, and then releasing clutch and gas pedaling the car. However, if I step a little harder, the manual car feeling will be lesser when changing gears. Scenario 2: When I am going around in a carpark, I can't go fast, and also, sometimes it bothers me, because in D2, it will always try to reach at least 2200-2400RPM before it changes to gear D3, and by the time I need to slow down. At this instance, while I am at D2, and the RPM is around 2000-2200RPM, it will hold at D2, but the moment I release the gas pedal, it will change to D3 while slowing down, is this normal? Can someone please clear my doubts as I am VERY VERY worried there is something wrong with the car, or even the car's gearbox. As I do not know any friends who drive a A180, CLA180, or GLA180, I am unable to test another car. thanks for reading and hope to have some clarification on this soon! Regards, Zac
  9. NEW MERCEDES BENZ CLA180 AMG LINE !! Powered By In-line 4 Cylinder With 16valves And Turbocharged, Producing 122bhp, 7G-DCT (A) Transmission. New Apple Car Play, AMG Sports Line, AMG 18 Inch Alloy Wheels, Memory Package, Keyless Go, Mirror Package, Diamond Grille. Emperor Motors Pte Ltd Address : 24 Leng Kee Road #05-04 Leng Kee Autopoint Singapore 159096 Aaron Koh Mobile : 9363 6948 Website : Facebook :
  10. Hi all! I am selling my CLA180, registered 4th June 2015. Special price for fellow bros of SGmerc! Please check out more details in the link below! Thanks! Regards, Desmond
  11. NEW MERCEDES BENZ A180 AMG LINE! Comes With LED Head Light, Keyless Start, Factory Fitted Reverse Camera, Ambient Lighting, Rear Aircon, 8 Inch Monitor Display, And Many More! Emperor Motors Pte Ltd Address : 24 Leng Kee Road #05-04 Leng Kee Autopoint Singapore 159096 Aaron Koh Mobile : 9363 6948 Website : Facebook :
  12. NEW MERCEDES BENZ GLA200 AMG LINE 4-cylinder In-line Turbocharged Producing 154 BHP And 250NM Of Torque, 7G DCT Transmission Comes with Apple Car Play, Reverse Camera, LED Head Light, Auto Tail Gate, Keyless Go Starting Function, 19 Inch AMG Wheels, Emperor Motors Pte Ltd Address : 24 Leng Kee Road #05-04 Leng Kee Autopoint Singapore 159096 Aaron Koh Mobile : 9363 6948 Website : Facebook :
  13. NEW MERCEDES BENZ A180 STYLE !! 1.6L Turbocharged Inline 4 Cylinder, 122Bhp, 7G-DCT Auto Transmission Comes With Apple Car Play. Factory Fitted Leather Seats, Reverse Camera Emperor Motors Pte Ltd Address : 24 Leng Kee Road #05-04 Leng Kee Autopoint Singapore 159096 Aaron Koh Mobile : 9363 6948 Website : Facebook :
  14. Hello all, Just collected my A180 black today. Glad to be part of SG Merc Community! shashaleong
  15. From the album my ride

  16. Hi Everybody! This is Aaron Koh. I am the owner of Emperor Motors Pte Ltd. We are parallel importer since 2008. Our showroom is located at 24 Leng Kee Road #05-04 Singapore 159096 Contact : 9363 6948 Whataps : 9363 6948 ( 10am – 10pm ) Website : Company Reg/GST no. 200807183K Check out our cars on facebook too ! Our warranty and servicing workshop Optima Werkz Pte Ltd 6 Kung Chong Road Singapore 159144 Tel : 6472 1313 9A Serangoon North Avenue 5 Singapore 554500 Tel : 6484 9919 551 Upper Thomas Road Singapore 574415 Tel : 6452 6868 Website :