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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, Introducing the RaceChip® Ultimate...! RC-U will delight you. Installation in a few minutes (depending on model). Our supplemental control unit provides many vehicles with turbo diesel or turbo petrol engines a power increase of up to 31%. At the same time, you can save up to 1 litre of fuel per 100 kilometres. Our database covers over 2,200 vehicles to fit RaceChip® power boxes. How RaceChip® works? We read data from the engine control unit in real time, and optimise many characteristics. These data include items such as injection timing, injection quantity, injection pressure, boost pressure and air mass. As opposed to tuning using the OBD interface, the control unit itself is not overwritten. Thus the RaceChip® leaves no evidence after being removed, and the manufacturer’s software remains in place even after software updates. It's up to 31% more power, up tp 26% more torque, saves up to 1L/100km of fuel. What are you waiting for? us @ 90303389 now!
  2. Brand new items for sale: 1. Turbo muffler delete 2. Pedaltune for faster throttle response 3. Intercooler 4. Transmission tuning for faster gearshift and release more torque 5. Surpass Power Ignition - direct replacement of stock ignition rod, reuse stock ignition coils 6. front Camber bolts - 1 pair. max Camber adjustable to 2.5 - 2.75 degree 7. Piggyback tuning kit - 4 channels tuning, customizable maps. Excellent power gain from 2000rpm to 6300rpm.
  3. Selling my RaceChip Ultimate for CLA 180. Used for 1.5 yrs, selling $350. Contact me at 93874620 if interested. URL link: http://www.racechip.com.sg/index.php/product/racechip-ultimate
  4. Racechip - Increase bhp and torque by 15 - 20% gurantee - For E Class 2009 -2012 version - Plug and play (Installation less than 30min) -Selling at $500.00 Items already out of my ride Cash and Carry (Installation less than 30min) Interested please txt me at 98718007 Thanks.
  5. Hello Bros, selling off my W204 Race Chip Ultimate real cheap as I’ve just changed car. Bought it in January this year and was removed back in October. For Mercedes C180 W204 1.6L turbo engine only. I still have the receipt showing the date of purchase and cost I paid. I have personally used the racechip for months without any problem, increase in power really makes driving that much more shiok. Decreased petrol consumption also evident from my own experience. Contact me at 93823900 for quick purchase. Trying to sell at $550, Price is negotiable. Do contact me! Details of the Race Chip below: Equipped with a high-quality 48 MHz processor, a glass fibre reinforced casing and FCI-automotive-plugs, it really is the best what Chiptuning can offer: pure driving pleasure!Racingly Fast Performance Supply The intelligent high-end processor ARM Cortex III™ is a micro controller of the Cortex- series made by ARM and is enormously powerful. With its 48 MHz-clocking, it’s the heart of our RaceChip® Ultimate. It needs very little space to provide its very high processing power. The processor only needs microseconds to react on slightest changes in performance.Performance Increase Individually Adjustable We deliver your RaceChip® Ultimate with a basic setting optimized for your vehicle type. You can adjust your RaceChip® Ultimate individually to your requirements. Easy, quick and without automotive specialist knowledge.The increases in performance (up to 31 %) and torque (up to 26 %) as well as the fuel saving (up to 1 l/100 km) are generally achievable maximum values. They can vary depending on the vehicle. You get information on the determined maximum values for your vehicle after selecting your vehicle.Fuel Saving With Eco-Tuning Depending on your personal road behaviour, you can save fuel by installing the RaceChip® Ultimate. Up to 1 litre per 100 kilometres. And with an increase in performance at the same time. If fuel saving is your main requirement, please inform us when placing the order. We will consider this during the basic setting.FCI Automotive Plug For highest safety and performance we have equipped the RaceChip® Ultimate with professional FCI-plugs. These plugs are standard in automotive business. They are plug connections of highest quality.Glass Fibre Reinforced Casing Our heat resistant casing is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. It perfectly protects all electronic parts of the RaceChip® Ultimate even under adverse.Features Easy installation/removal (5~15min) 100% "Plug & Play" technology Will not alter your original ECU program and fail safe feature ARM Advanced Microprocessor Technology as a result: Adaption of characteristic field in real time Produced on a modern SMD-production line
  6. Race Chip Ultimate currently on CLA 200 bought over $1000. Selling at $500
  7. Dear All I'm selling the following items, please scroll down for more description and pictures: Racechip Ultimate SOLD CLA Boot Sill SOLD Handrest Console Tray (fits A-Class, B-Class, CLA-Class, GLA-Class) SOLD Lowballers, tyre-kickers steer clear. Whatsapp/text me at 8100 4700 to deal. 1. Racechip Ultimate for my CLA 200 (also fits A200, B200, GLA200, C180 CGI and all Mercedes 1.6T). with valid 1 year SG local warranty Made in Germany, with SG local support full box set, manual, receipt, cable harness, cable clip easily attain 199bhp and 320Nm for a low price! fully LTA compliant and unlike ECU reflash, Racechip can be taken out easily without affecting your workshop/dealer warranty Other Mercedes applications (will refer you for reprogramming at ard $40) Click Here For Other Mercedes Applications 2. CLA Boot Sill. (SOLD) Item is new (still in plastic package) Full Stainless Steel No drilling required 3. Handrest Console Tray (SOLD)
  8. RaceChip Ultimate used for 3 years on C180 1.6 Turbo (can be re-map for other models by dealer) Letting go at $650
  9. 2 months used unit selling for $700 (include box, cables etc). Still under local distributor warranty. Unit is loaded with CLA180 CGI (petrol) setting. Re-load of other car model is possible by local dealer/distributor but will not include with this price. Those interested please do not PM here, email me instead at [email protected]
  10. Hi All Racechip prospective owners, I'd installed my Racechip Ultimate Facebook Edition about 2 weeks again. Here is a little tutorial on how I did it; Step 1 : Remove the Engine Cover (1) Lift engine cover up after using a screw driver to unscrew the only screw of the engine cover. (2) Pull engine cover towards yourself to release the 2 holes from the back of the engine. Below Photo showing the 2 pins that the engine cover will slot into at the rear. Step 2 : Route cable provided by Racechip and cable tie them. I did it the way I did to minimize cable hindling the engine cover from closing properly and to prevent the cable being too heat treated. The Yellow Oval component in the the Diesel Common Rail connector. The whole thing took me slightly more than an hour due to deciding how to route the cable 'efficiently'. Other than that there aren't much to it. Oh yes! I did a silly mistake by leaving the Racehip unit just slipped in between the slot shown in the below photo (Yellow Arrowed) initially. I thought that when I slot the Racechip in there, it is rather tight & snug hence it should be fine. However I totally forgotten that when the car moves and engine running, the engine can flex within the engine bay. Hence forth the Racechip unit dropped into the slot till it got dangling just next to the Turbo charger. So due to this, the Racechip casing got a beating and you can see it in the photo below. I'd put a folded piece of microfibre cloth below the Racechip to prevent the metal, which it was cable tied on, from scaring or even cutting into the Racechip casing. For those who are interested, below are a few photos of the Racechip when it was nice & new. I'd driven about 800kms with the Racechip now & I'm absolutely loving it! The FC has improved alot. Before the Racechip, I'm getting 5.6L/100km but after Racechip installed, I'm getting 4.7L/100km. The engine also sounded like a V8 when I floor the accelerator.....you know that growl.....listen liao very shiok! Hehehehe!!
  11. Hi All Hv the above for sale, already out of my B Class so cash & carry as will be selling ride soon, details here http://www.racechip.com/chiptuning/mercedes/b-class/w246/b200-blueefficiency-115kw/index.php Pls PM to deal, tks.
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