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Mercedes-Benz Owned

Found 1 result

  1. Coming up to the first 1000km and here are my brief thoughts on this beautiful silver car (my first merc!): a CLA180. The drive is very smooth and plush, although on 18" rims the ride can be a tad harsh going over speed strips and bumps, but going over them slower than what i used to do seems to do the trick. The stock brake pads seem to generate quite abit of brake dust. Will monitor and update. I really like the bluetooth function which is really handsfree usage of my mobile, including playing music from it. My Jabra now become gabra because i don't use it anymore. I'm still trying to get used to the various knobs and levers that one needs to operate, e.g. start up: turn key, switch on aircon (after warm up), radio, put to drive and release handbrake (or not, 'cos of auto release lol) but every thing in the cabin feels solid and well made. I do see some gaps between the door interior and the B pillar interior that allows one to see the paintwork outside, but that doesn't bother me. More glaring, i feel, is the boot lid interior, which is bare and shows all the welding marks, wish they covered that up. Bootsize is very decent and it feels like more than twice the boot space i previously had (i'm sure it's a mind trick). Yet to fully test the acceleration since i've been keeping the revs under 3k as advised (and varying it), so pick up overall is rather laggy, and i don't expect this to change very much even when revving hard. Not a racer, so this doesn't bother me and on highways this can be rectified by downshifting (although doesn't solve standing start sluggishness). Have been getting some admiring looks on the way the car looks and friends/family have remarked that it is a beauty. =) One fellow merc driver friend said "once you drive a merc, you never drive anything else". That's all from me for now. Thanks for reading!
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