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  1. Can try some of our site sponsors (sonic racing) etc. Though I did check with LTA, even if changing harness and all, the approval to HID is not easy (need certificate from MB). Though they did not explicitly say changing to white LED bulbs is an issue....
  2. no matter what you do, the smell will come back after some time, unless you change the whole AC system. As my car is always in shelter, it comes back very quickly. What I do is use the sonax air con cleaner - lasts for about 2-3 months before smell comes back. One other thing I noticed is that every 6-8 months, after I park the car in the sun for 2 hours or so, the AC will blow hot air for 5 seconds, before it cools. After 3 months, smell comes back....
  3. in this case i think compressor maybe the culprit, perhaps go gentler on the temperature, else u would find yourself out of freon in a year.
  4. Just backtracking a little - not that I doubt what you are saying, are you really sure it is from the aircon? Where exactly you hear the sound coming out from - e.g vents, footwell etc? And when you say coming to a stop, does it mean only when you apply brakes?
  5. occasionally once every two months or so remove the filter and vacuum it and remove leaves / twigs etc. Smell will disappear for a while or at least reduce. Also you check if you closed the air circulation vents as the smell may come from outside.
  6. Anyone has experience with issues related to brake boosters- specifically the rubber grommet. Some not so obvious hissing sound after release of brakes. I am a bit of sensitive to sound so its irritating to me. Is it safe to continue driving. My temp fix is to apply grease on the grommet and the sound disappears....Comes back when the grease wears thin
  7. thanks all, just fixed it, the pulleys are the issue
  8. my car has this whinning noise recently low revs and high revs and even when car is warm. Its from the front area. I suspect it is alternator, compressor or the pulley. Before I send the car for servicing come January, anyone has any idea what it may be?
  9. makes more sense now that you guys put it this way
  10. can someone comment if the 2018 is facelift or is this a new model, sorry trying to find some info but there are conflicting info
  11. Not sure about this, probably reset the adaptive transmission control? Else did you check if the correct ATF was used - yours should be the one with the reddish dye, not the yellow one.