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  1. Which year is your A180 manufactured? Not all FL W176 has the android auto I think only the latest batch of FL W176 came with both Carplay and AA. My FL only came with Carplay only.
  2. You can try searching for ATS rims
  3. Does your A class rear door comes with the tweeter on top of the door card. Mine no sound coming out from there.
  4. Selling an almost brand new condition TOMTOM GO50 used less than 5x. Asking $130. SMS me at 8 one two 5 four 55 nine.
  5. I'm looking to change the stock low beam anyone can advise which is the best white color halogen to get. Thanks
  6. Just received dashmat bought from Aliexpress good quality and cheap. Will post the picture.
  7. Anyone have their steering wrap. Looking to wrap the steering but SE said if airbag light on warranty will void. Did see on youtube there are some can do it without removing the steering. Wondering if any shop here can do it.
  8. From the Philips website autobac has it.
  9. With the $50 disposal charge, not worth to BYO.
  10. Can we supply our parts to CC for the servicing...?
  11. Was browsing for H7 bulb replacement for the factory yellow light bulb. Found this Philips X-treme Ultinon LED bulb. Anyone use it care to give review. Below is the link.
  12. Dear all, thanks for all the advice and reply. Feedback to ezbuy and they replied. There are 2 sizes for the brake pedal and they will send out the biggest size by default. Good news is they are sending me the correct brake pedal. Will wait for the delivery.