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  1. Ok. Merca, I doneva bit of research, and thought about it. I THINK the c200 has the same gearbox as all the other c class including the c350/43/63... which has way more hp/torque do not too worried. Also we are talking about merc here... not bmw. In a bmw, I’d be concerned more with gearbox less with engine. Merc, more concerned with engine, less with gearbox. πŸ€” does that make sense?
  2. 8K. Don’t think the jump from a c200 to C43/c63 is anywhere near 8K.😒 Besides, the anticipation, tuning process is where ALL the fun is 😊. Learnt a lot too.
  3. A C200 w205 cc1991 is listed stock at 181hp, 300NM. After tuning, n mods my c200 is going @ 350hp, 585nm. Thoughts? How much more, if any do u think I can push the engine block? 😊