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  1. Reserved for a bro. Shall update if deal not successful.
  2. Selling The above for E class W212, C class W204 got to check if yours is M271 engine and also with Benzline.
  3. Can share more on this turbo muffler delete? whatdoes it do and does it gain anything and what sort of noise does it make? Any video to share as well? Thanks!
  4. What does stage 3 consist? And you do hybrid turbo as well? Thanks!
  5. Dear All, may I check with you guys if I can change my ride, E250 coupe, staggered rims into non staggered? Any ideas? thanks!
  6. Guys, a quick question on e250 coupe my2010. May I know if there is MAF sensor on this car? From the net I saw the sensor to be like the image below. but I tried calling min ghee, they said there isn't any maf for this model, called another Stockist they said this model maf comes with the intake manifold. Wondering if any of you change the MAF sensor before on this model and can advise on where can I get it and how does it looks like. Thanks.
  7. Dear All, may I check with you guys the average FC for your coupe? mine is a E250 coupe MY2010. im only getting 6.6l per KM. I think something is wrong somewhere. Can some kind soul enlighten me. Thanks! ok, no matter how I drive. e or S mode both same. From a fresh pump of fuel. Traveling at 50km/hr on C mode for 1km distant. The meter show me 11.1/100km. usually I do all the calculation by using the traditional way of the mileage divide by the same amount of fuel pump. Any advise?